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Enjoy 10 Percent off any purchase at Yezarck

Creating a variety of artwork through both traditional and experimental techniques, Yezarck’s oil paintings, relief prints and mixed-media landscapes blend tactility with vibrant energy and colour.

We catch up with Samar Asamoah, the artist behind the brand – "I feel like the North East is a place where people really love and appreciate family. This brings about a sense of happiness and contentment for me, which I feel is reflected in my work – I love painting flowers for example, they instantly lift my mood. So I’d say my work is about taking the time to notice the small things in life that we often take for granted, that’s what is important."

For a limited time Living North reader’s can get 10% off any purchase on Yezarck.com.

Simply use the code: LIVING10 at the check out.


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