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As students prepare to get their A Level results, a new survey shows North East pupils are seriously concerned about making the grade

Across the region on Thursday thousands of A Level students will be getting their results, and finding out if they’ve made the grade to attend university. 

But a study, carried out on behalf of Northumbria University, shows that 81 percent of North East students are concerned they won’t get the grades they need to get into university – nearly 30 percentage points more than the national average.

North East students are also uncertain about the clearing process, which allows those who have missed out on their university choices to apply for other courses on the day they receive A Level results and for weeks afterwards. In all, 43 percent of North East pupils had heard of clearing, but didn’t know precisely what it was. Alarmingly, 14 percent of students said they hadn’t heard of the process at all.

Missing out on A Level grades is a major concern for students, with more than half of pupils in the region saying they’d be ‘devastated’ if they didn’t get onto their chosen university or course.

For those who overachieve and exceed expectations in their A Levels, clearing can also be used to ‘trade up’ degree courses. 

‘The clearing process has changed significantly in recent years and the option to ‘trade up’ using adjustment now gives students the opportunity to reconsider their original choice if they have done better than expected in their exams,’ explains Helen Bower, Assistant Marketing Director at Northumbria University.

For parents and pupils concerned about their A Level results, or looking for guidance for the future, we have plenty of advice that will help you make decisions about the next stage of your academic career.

Published in: August 2017

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