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Palate Freshener: From Malaysia to Japan


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This time: Malaysian spice in Newcastle, New Zealand-inspired brunch in Huddersfield and Japanese tapas in Sheffield

If you like: Local legends
Then try: Chilli Padi, Newcastle
This Malaysian joint is unpretentious and utterly authentic, which why it’s attracted a raft of devotees to its unique array of dishes. Malay cuisine mashes up elements of stuff you’ll be familiar with – seafood and spiciness with a hints of China and India, in a nutshell – with a dash of its own unique character.

If you like: Upscale brunches
Then try: Epicure, Huddersfield
The bumph about this very cool bar and kitchen is eye-roll-worthy (‘we bring something unique, uncompromising and incomparable to Huddersfield’ and so on) but the fact they’ve made it into the Good Food Guide 2018 is a lot more eloquent. Inspired by travels around New Zealand, the ingredients are fresh and local and used for classic brunches, burgers, steaks and more. The charcuterie’s top too.

If you like: Teppanyaki tekkers
Then try: WasabiSabi, Sheffield
Remember when people said tekkers? Ah, simpler times. Anyway, this Japanese restaurant’s cover-every-base philosophy means that they do bento boxes, Japanese tapas plates, loads of tempura meats and veg, nigiri, sushi, sashimi, robata-yaki (that’s grilled meat, fish and veg) and noodle dishes.

Published in: August 2017

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