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Artist Q&A: Lucy Pittaway


Lucy Pittaway
As we look forward to the reopening of art galleries on 12th April, Lucy Pittaway prepares to share her new collection with an eager audience

We catch up with Lucy about her lockdown-inspired collection, and how to pick up the best art pieces this spring.

Tell us about the inspiration behind your new 'Home' collection

We've never had to spend so much time in our homes as we have this last 12 months. I listened to so many stories, read about it all over social media and spoke to our customers who all said how they'd really valued having a home to retreat to in these times. They said they felt fortunate because so many people in the world don't have this luxury that we sometimes take for granted.

For some, their homes made them feel safe, others had fallen back in love with their homes and decided to give them a bit of a makeover and redecorate, and others had very sadly suffered with Coronavirus or loss and spent time grieving in their homes. Whatever the circumstances, home has provided familiarity in an unfamiliar world and I wanted to celebrate homes by devoting a collection of works entirely to them.

 What’s your favourite latest release and why?

It has to be 'Our Happy Place' as it epitomises a relaxed state for so many people. It’s a couple sitting in deck chairs next to their little caravan, watching the sunset whilst enjoying a nice glass of wine. I have fond memories of caravanning and camping as a child and even now, when we are in our caravan, we feel as though we could be a million miles away from any stresses or strains of daily life, even though we're just down the road!

What are you excited about for your business this year?

I'm really excited about the business this year – we are full of new ideas. There's a positive vibe within the whole team because we have all managed to successfully navigate not only  the choppy waters of this past year, but some of the great waves that have hit us and threatened to tip us over. We all feel we are stronger now than ever, and there's nothing but positivity in our work place about what the future holds.

We're all physically tired, having worked so hard and managed so much stress – but we feel strangely re-energised and ready for new opportunities, developing our products and finally being able to welcome customers back through our doors!

Do you find that your work changes to reflect the seasons?

Yes, I think my work is quite seasonal. It’s challenging for me to paint beautiful spring or summer scenes in the depths of winter or vice versa, as I paint from the heart, and my art reflects how I feel much of the time. If all I want to do is wrap myself up in a warm blanket with a hot chocolate, it's not so easy to feel inspired by the wonders of spring and summer when outside looks like some sort of frozen black hole!

Do you have any tips for choosing spring artwork or homeware?

My advice is always choose a piece of art for how it makes you feel. Does it make you feel good, remind you of happy memories or take you to a place you can let your imagination run free? Can you see yourself in the painting somehow or see your family in the characters? Does it give you something to aspire to or dream about? Those are the tips I would give somebody wanting to buy a piece of art.

We all need to surround ourselves with more of what makes us feel good, whether that's a pretty little egg cup we can enjoy our boiled eggs and soldiers in for breakfast or a 40 inch impactful canvas on a wall in our favourite living space. Everyone is different and if we can, we should all treat ourselves or treat others to something we know will make us smile.

Published in: April 2021

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