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The Guide to a Perfect Valentine's Day


'Valentine's Day is when a lot of married men are reminded what a poor shot Cupid really is'

Unsurprisingly the person behind that quote has opted to remain anonymous. While Valentine's might not be your favourite day, don't risk assuming that the woman in your life feels the same way. Here's how to make her feel special from beginning to end, and accrue 1,000 brownie points in the process.

In case you'd forgotten, Valentine's Day is 14th February. This year that's a Wednesday so it's likely you'll both be at work. You need to do something before she leaves the house otherwise she'll think you've forgotten. Do something you don't normally do, wake early and make her breakfast, go the extra yard with some freshly squeezed orange juice and fresh bread or croissants. Present it with a thoughtful card. If you're tight on time make her a posh coffee to go. When she gets to the office and says to her colleagues, 'You won't believe what he did this morning', for once the story that follows will be positive.

If she works with other women the chances are during the day things will begin showing up at the office like flowers, chocolates and cards sent by other diligent husbands and boyfriends. You can go down that route too, but think harder and maybe send a small gift, or a nice email with a picture of both of you, or link to a song that reminds you of her. You could even sneak a small gift into her handbag before she leaves for the office, like a packet of Love Hearts. Message her during the day to let her know where you've hidden them.

It's probably wise to avoid restaurant reservations on Valentine's Day. Busy, expensive, with the kitchen staff on autopilot, you're better off making an intimate meal under your own roof. If you normally arrive home after her, sweet talk your boss into letting you leave a little early to prepare and surprise her when she returns (book a half day if you must). When you get home light the entire room with candles, create a playlist of great music and cook her favourite meal. If you're a hopeless chef order her favourite takeaway and bottle of wine. With a bit of pre-planning a perfect Valentine's Day is really that simple and much easier to achieve than you think.

Published in: February 2018

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