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Man’s Best Friend

Year of the Dog image with dog sat on grass next to large letters
It’s time to take a look at our favourite pooches, as Chinese New Year heralds the Year of the Dog

As you’ll already be aware, the Chinese community will be celebrating New Year on 16 February, and 2018 welcomes the Year of the Dog. While it’s believed in Chinese culture that so-called ‘dog years’ are the unluckiest for people born in previous dog years, we’d like to take this opportunity to round up some of our favourite dog-friendly features and dogs of the week, from terriers to labradors.

So snuggle up with your pooch, and make way for some heartwarming cuteness…

Dog of the Week
Dog of the Week
Dog standing in front of the colliseum in Rome
A Ruff Guide
Image of dog lying on beach
The Best Dog-Friendly Pubs On The Coast

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