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The New Fitness Bucket List


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Think you’re fit? Think again. This series of hyper-fitness challenges will stretch your body to its physical and psychological limits. It’s time to bring your A Game

The Wall

15th June 2019 

Prove your Spartan strength by conquering this 69 mile ultra-marathon through Hadrian’s Wall country. The race begins in Carlisle Castle and passes through Vindolanda, Hexham and Wylam, before finishing on Newcastle’s iconic Millenium Bridge. Not quite up to 69 non-stop miles? Competitors can choose to trek the race over two days with an overnight pit-stop to refuel and refresh, or complete the course as part of a relay team. 


Tribal Clash

13th–14th July 2019 

Coined the most savage team competition in the world, Tribal Clash combines all the best (and toughest) elements of Crossfit and has gained a similar cult following. The competition takes place over two days on the Devon coast, where you and over a thousand amateur athletes will compete in functional fitness challenges; think atlas stone lifting, tyre flipping and a 16 minute team squat holding a 240kg sand worm. Rather you than us.


Rough Runner

20th–21st July 2019

This Total Wipeout-cum-Gladiators challenge, set in the stunning Lambton Estate, is guaranteed to test your reflexes. Think forest trails, river running, and obstacles (including the famous big red balls) across either five, 10 or 15 kilometres – choose wisely.

Ironman UK 

14th July 2019

This iconic challenge needs no introduction, so we’ll just hit you with the hard numbers instead: 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile cycle, 26 mile run. In that order. Without a break. The only saving grace of this year’s Ironman is that it’s held in the breathtaking Lancashire countryside, including not one but two ascents of the gruelling Sheep House Lane and scenic swim (if you can call it that) in Pennington Flash lake. 


Coast to Coast 

14th–15th September 2019

Spanning 169km of Scotland, this tough terrain must be tackled by foot, bike and kayak. The race begins at Nairn on the east coast, heading south west to the finish past Fort William and taking in the impressive sights of Loch Ness along the way. Contestants are given two days to complete the challenge, but the brave (read: insane) can attempt it in just one. 


The Great Fjord Swim

12th October 2019

New to wild swimming? You may want to sit this one out. Taking place in the emerald waters of Ireland’s Killary Fjord, swimmers must tackle a gruelling 3.9km swim in 12 degree temperatures to reach the finish line. Prefer to dip your toe in? There are a few shorter courses to choose from, including a 2km and a 750m race. Wetsuit optional, or so they say.

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