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Local jeweller Goldsmiths have given their top tips for planning a Valentine’s Day proposal

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and local luxury jeweller Goldsmiths are here to help, bringing you their top tips to make loved-up couples popping the question this Valentine’s Day that little bit less stressed. 

The Size 

When buying a ring for your surprise proposal, you’re going to want to try your best to make sure it fits your partner. Goldsmiths makes it simple by suggesting drawing around a ring they already wear on the same finger, or drawing around a ring from their middle finger and sizing down. They also recommend always opting for a larger size if in doubt, as the ring can always be adjusted and made smaller.

The Diamond 

The Four C’s are key when selecting the all-important diamond for your loved one - Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. 

When looking at cut, Goldsmiths’ tip is to look for symmetry and proportion - a good cut means more light reflection, and more sparkle.

The colour of diamonds take on the alphabet: colourless starts with D and moves up through the alphabet accordingly. Choosing a coloured or colourless stone is a big decision, but Goldsmiths note that only five percent of diamonds are D colour.

When it comes to clarity, Goldsmiths' tip is to look for a flawless diamond with few blemishes, to make sure nothing stops that ring from sparkling. 

The final C is Carat. This unique measuring scale for diamonds determines the ring’s weight and not the size. Goldsmiths’ top tip is to remember that weight doesn’t always amount to beauty.

The Promise

Goldsmiths know that not everyone is confident choosing the perfect ring for their partner. That’s why you can buy a ring at a lower price point for the all-important proposal. You can keep the ring as a token of your special moment, and together you can return to select the perfect ring to mark the start of your married life.

Published in: February 2018

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