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A unique family gift that connects the past to the future


Life Memories
Life Memories

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Do you ever hear yourself saying "I wish I'd asked my mother or father about that?” Life Memories preserves family stories, providing a treasured legacy and exclusive gift. Life Memories books are presented in a quality hardback format, with copies of the recordings and a pdf of the book provided on a memory stick within a gift box.
Stories and memories lie dormant, which can be triggered by photographs and may be stimulated by conversation. But photographs alone can’t speak. Life Memories books resurrect and capture the meaning behind the photos, and other events and emotional moments from the past. For instance, how people felt on their wedding day, recalling what they spent with their first pay packet, owning a car, seeing a television for the first time. A Life Memories book enables people to understand the experiences that have shaped the person we think we know - their inspirations, morals and personal hopes for future generations.

People have great delight recounting stories, often chuckling to themselves while retelling their tales. They enjoy combining their reflections of life and stories from poignant photographs, and accompanying memorabilia such as school reports, ration books, and precious objects. These generate a vibrant and colourful picture, as well as an interesting insight into social and societal changes that have taken place over the years.

Life Memories was created by Caroline Armstrong living in the Northumbrian home previously owned by Catherine Cookson. Inspired by the many complex characters in the books written in the study of the house, she became intrigued about the real-life stories of her own family. Caroline’s grandparents left England to become part of the Raj in India where her mother was born.  While her grandmother hosted parties, rode horses and played tennis, her mother was partly raised by an Aya (an Indian nanny). A life that was far removed from their future life in England. The stories which accompanied photographs were a source of fascination - but by themselves had little meaning.

Years later, while visiting relatives and flicking through photographs, discussing the artefacts that sat on the mantelpiece with her father-in-law, the idea came to Caroline to create Life Memories. She wanted to preserve the community and farming stories and photographs that would be lost, including encapsulating the precious memories and anecdotes passed down from his parents. Recordings were created and crafted into a Life Memories book, encapsulating stories from his life, and personal treasures such as special family recipes. The grandchildren were eager to read stories about him at a young age – understanding and embarking in a world so different from their own.

The idea has grown into a successful small business, enabling Caroline to apply her expertise in composing Life Memories books on behalf of clients. It is an elegant way of ensuring family memories and life adventures are preserved for future generations. 
Commissioning a Life Memories book enables Caroline to compose your unique story. Future generations can enjoy and cherish the rich history - joining the past to the future - while providing a fabulous family keepsake. 

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Published in: November 2019

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