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Working from home with… Will Cooper


Founder of the nations favourite underwear brand, Oddballs – which raises awareness of testicular cancer – discusses his wfh routine

What time does your alarm go off?

7am Monday to Saturday and 8am on Sunday – unless our four month old baby, Arabella, has other ideas. 

When do you really get up?

Usually takes a good five to 10 minutes after checking through the usual platforms – emails, Shopify (our website platform app), Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and BBC News.

What’s for breakfast?

Coffee every day. Recently I have been having a few pieces of toast or crumpets as we are working from home and it’s easier to get it all ready for an 8am start. 

What’s your wfh set-up and what are you working on right now?

At the moment I have an Apple-heavy set up in our dining room – with different screens for conference calling and working at the same time. I have completely taken over the rest of the room with product samples.

When is lunchtime and what are you having?

Usually between 12.30 and 1pm when I have time, or remember to eat! Since we have started working from home my lunches have really improved – in the office the vending machine (and my waistline) used to take a hammering! 

When is it time to clock off?

I have been trying to get off the computer by 6pm most days to get outside for our one walk a day. The rest of the evening is usually taken up with more work, after bath time for Arabella. 

When you're not working what are you up to?

At the moment there isn’t a lot to do, I have been doing a few DIY jobs on the house and garden. It’s quite nice to just spending time as a family – having a young baby at home makes staying in much easier.

What is your isolation guilty pleasure?

Chocolate – specifically Dairy Milk.

Any isolation aims or goals?

To finish the DIY list and get the house ready for when we can have friends and family over to stay again! 

Your top tips for working from home?

Get dressed and be ready to work  – I don’t think you can be productive sat in your pyjamas or sweats.

Published in: April 2020

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