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The Best DIY Christmas Presents To Make This Year


Everyone knows it’s the thought that really counts, so here’s some inspiration for your next crafty Christmas creation

Is there anyone in the whole wide world who doesn’t like gin now? Probably not. And you know what that means – however well you know your secret (or not-so-secret) Santa, this tipple is guaranteed to make them smile. But who knew you could brew this bad boy at home? Now that weird, wonderful and some downright wacky flavours of gin are hitting shelves across the country, this fruity rhubarb and ginger recipe from Fuss Free Flavours is sure to hit the spot. 

Bookworms are notoriously difficult to buy for. Sure, you think, I’ll just get them another book. But then you realise, as you step into Waterstones, that they’ve probably amassed all of the ‘new releases’ in their library already and you actually have no idea what they have or haven’t read from the ‘classics’ section. So now it’s time to get creative – and a charming, handmade bookmark is a great place to start. Simply cut some velvet ribbon to size (we’d recommend around nine inches) pick up a set of ribbon clamps, and use flat-nose jewellery pliers to fix your clamps onto both ends of the ribbon. Then you can add the finishing touches as you see fit – with charms, trinkets, or even old earrings – and decorate the ribbon to add that personal touch. 

If you’re not yet familiar with macramé, it’s the art of knotting cord or string into patterns to make all manner of different decorative items, which you’re guaranteed won’t be the same as your best friend’s. And while you’ll find all sorts of DIY macramé crafts on the web, check out ‘The 11 Best’ here – we love the idea of mini macramé plant hangers for our green-fingered pals. Just follow the tutorial using whatever colour wool you choose, before popping in a super-cute mini succulent. 

If you’re still struggling to think of the perfect Christmas gift for the Bake Off buff in your life, then we think we’ve got just the ticket: a brand new recipe for their repertoire, delivered in a quirky mason jar container. Artfully pack all the ingredients any creative cook will need to make a cake or brownie into a mason jar and hey presto: your culinary, crafty Christmas gift sorted in one. It’s easy, it’s thoughtful, and it doesn’t mean you have to don the apron yourself. Just remember to write the recipe on the side of the jar! 

We all know board games are very much a part and parcel of most festive family gatherings, but guess what? Now you can add your own, personal spin on a gaming classic. Guess how? Simply by getting creative with a plywood base, some small wooden rectangles, a few dollhouse hinges and some double-stick tape. Oh, and plenty of passport-size photos of all your friends and family. That’s right – make your own Guess Who and officially win at Christmas this year. It’s pretty simple to work out how you can do this yourself, or you can find a good tutorial here

It’s a classic tale: whether you’re a ring-stacker or a negligent necklace-wearer; a bracelet breaker or a hapless hairpin dropper, however hard you try, your jewellery and small accessories tend to do everything they can to spread themselves as far and wide around the house as they can. The answer? A jewellery dish. An even better answer? A homemade marble clay jewellery dish, that is both super-pretty and has that extra-special personal touch. Find a cracking (although hopefully not literally) online tutorial here.

Published in: December 2019

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