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Why You Need Travel Insurance


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Travel Insurance is an important part of your holiday, we caught up with Dale Robinson, marketing manager at award-winning provider Just Travel Cover to answer your questions
Dale Robinson

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What services do Just Travel Cover offer?
From solo travellers to families and those lucky retirees who are travelling more than ever, everyone should take out Travel Insurance, and that’s where we come in. We understand every traveller and every holiday is different, so we work with a range of insurers to compare prices for you and find a policy that meets your individual needs. We will make sure you’re covered for any pre-existing medical conditions you may have and for any activities you plan on doing on holiday. We can arrange single trip Travel Insurance, annual policies and specialist cruise cover, and we’ve recently added global insurance giant AIG to our panel adding another five-star rated scheme into our offering.

Why is travel insurance so important?
Travel Insurance claims are now at an all-time high, and the majority are to support the 3,000 people per week who need emergency medical treatment abroad. The average claim was £800 last year, but costs for medical treatment were much higher and can easily run into the thousands; the claim for one customer who needed emergency treatment in America reached a staggering £381,000. People travelling without Travel Insurance is extremely worrying; not everyone would be able to afford a surprise bill for £800, let alone one that runs into the tens of thousands if they fall ill abroad.

How early should people be looking into it?
We recommend arranging Travel Insurance as soon as you have booked your holiday so that cancellation cover is in place. If you cannot go on holiday as planned then you may be able to claim back the costs. Different policies (and levels of cover) have different limits, so it’s important to check the terms with the insurer. We have policies that will cover for £1,000 per person right up to £50,000 per person so it doesn’t matter if it’s a budget holiday or the trip of a lifetime, you’ll have additional peace of mind that you won’t lose out financially.

Should you tell your provider about any pre-existing medical conditions? 
Yes, if you have pre-existing medical conditions it’s essential to declare these when arranging your Travel Insurance so you don’t find that your claim is rejected, leaving you with costly medical bills. Typically having Travel Insurance will cover the cost of the unforeseen, such as accident or illness when on holiday. The cover works exactly the same for people with pre-existing medical conditions, but it also covers the cost of emergency care for any medical condition you may have had in the past or you suffer from currently.

What is covered with travel insurance? Any surprising ones people might not know about?
The main reason people take out Travel Insurance is the safety net of financial recompense if they need to cancel their holiday, they require medical treatment abroad or their baggage is lost, stolen or damaged during their trip. There are plenty of other benefits too, but different policies will include different benefits and levels of cover – that’s why it’s important to shop around or use a specialist broker who will find a policy tailored to your individual circumstances.  

The big thing people don’t think about is the cost of repatriation, that is being flown home from your holiday destination, often with a medical professional, if your stay has been extended due to hospital treatment. An air ambulance home from Spain, for example, would cost around £20,000. 

And what isn’t covered?
A recent survey showed that 39 percent of people thought they could claim on their Travel Insurance if they were a victim of a booking scam. The same survey found that five percent of people believe they can claim if the weather at their destination is not as per the forecast – it probably won’t surprise you that neither of these are covered under a Travel Insurance policy. 

What if I go on multiple trips a year? 
If you’re planning two or more holidays in the next 12 months it could be cheaper to take out annual multi-trip insurance. An annual policy will cover all of your trips for a full year and you can choose Europe only or Worldwide, meaning you can go anywhere in the world knowing that you’re fully covered.

Is there a limit for how many people can travel on one package? 
No, you can choose to just insure yourself, or take out a couple or family policy. Even if you’re travelling in a large group we can cater for that on one policy – it’s very flexible. 

What if my flight is cancelled or the airline goes bust? 
We offer something called End Supplier Failure Insurance (ESFI) which is free on our gold policies, or can be added to bronze and silver. It is becoming more popular with travellers after several airlines have ceased trading in recent times. 

Having ESFI provides cover in the event of your travel or accommodation provider ceasing to trade due to financial failure before or during your holiday. It will provide cover for unused ticket charges and is not limited to scheduled airlines, but car hire companies, ferry, coach or train operators and short let accommodation, including hotels.

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Published in: July 2019

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