Steff Todd
After going viral with her Love Island impressions, Yorkshire born Steff Todd is a rising star on the comedy circuit. Performing nationwide, and preparing for her solo show at the Edinburgh Fringe, we talk inspiration, preparation and performance

When did you first find out you were funny?

I come from a really funny family and I remember as a child sitting around the table with everyone and just taking the Mickey out of each other. I used to get big laughs every time I chipped in and got a real buzz out of it.

Who is your inspiration?

When I was growing up, I loved Joan Rivers. She was the best thing ever and my dad used to let me watch her but then say “Don’t tell your mum you’re watching this!” I was also into sitcoms like Ab Fab (Absolutely Fabulous) and Gimme Gimme Gimme – I used to watch those in secret – and, of course, all the impressions shows such as Alistair McGowan’s Big Impression, The Impressionable Jon Culshaw, Dead Ringers and The Impressions Show with Culshaw and Stephenson.

What was it like going viral?

The exposure was really good because people who viewed the Love Island videos then found my Instagram and my YouTube Channel and watched the other impressions I’d done, like the Kardashians, Gemma Collins and Katie Price. Before then, those who viewed the videos had only been people who’d seen me perform or knew of me personally, so the exposure was great.

Who is your favourite person to impersonate?

From Love Island, my favourite person to do is Laura. It took me a while to get her but now that I have, I love doing her. I also like doing Caroline Flack, I’d never tried her before either, and I am trying to do more presenters like Holly Willoughby and Lorraine Kelly because then, when I do my show, it’s a way of linking everything together.

Gemma Collins is really fun and there’s lot of things you can do with her because she’s hilarious. I also like doing Katie Price and Sharon Osborne, they’ve both got such strong personalities, especially Sharon – she’s usually quite annoyed and kicking off. The Kardashians are also topical – their show’s not even on at the moment but they’re in the news. There’s just so much going on with them.

Where do you get your material from?

I talk about things that are personal, like going out, social media and past dating experiences. I also love watching dating shows, like Celebs Go Dating and First Dates. I just talk about things that I find fun, no heavy subjects and everything is light-hearted and fun.

How do you prepare for a show?

I’m gigging all over the country most nights this month and I practise my usual set then, but I’m also trying I also try to do as many new things as I can, like adding in an impression or a joke, or just a little bit. I’m trying my best to write everyday too, in preparation for my solo show at the Edinburgh Fringe but I’ve realised there’s not much time left, so I need to be working on new material.

What do you like most about performing?

So, I had a gig in Ipswich and there was a group of young women in the audience who knew exactly what I was talking about and were totally on-board. They found me on social media afterwards and sent me some lovely messages about how much they enjoyed my set I was just like ‘This is what it’s all about’. I like talking to and connecting with people and I felt like I’d found my audience then. I do a lot of crowd work and I like breaking down that barrier – it’s never like ‘I’m here and you’re going to listen’. My show is very interactive and everyone is a part of it.

What’s your favourite venue to perform at in Yorkshire?

I’m looking forward to doing the Last Laugh Comedy Club at Sheffield City Hall on the 22nd and 23rd March. Last Laugh always has some amazing acts on, like big names from across the country, and it’s exciting to be a part of that. City Hall is a massive venue too so it’ll be exciting to perform in front of such a big audience. I’m also living in London now so it’ll be great to be back home to do some shows.

What’s the worst heckle you’ve ever had?

I don’t really get heckled, but sometimes people do talk too much, especially if they’ve had a drink and they think we’re just having a conversation.


Steff Todd will be performing her show Reality Check at The Edinburgh Fringe (1st-25th August) at Just The Tonic at The Caves, everyday (except the 12th) August at 2pm.

Published in: March 2019

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