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The Best Yorkshire Pudding Recipes


The Best Yorkshire Pudding Recipes
With a little help from the reigning World Yorkshire Pudding Champion and Yorkshire pudding expert Christopher Blackburn, we uncover the history of the Yorkshire pudding.


There used to be an annual Yorkshire pudding race
Devised by artist and creator of the North York Moors music and poetry venue, The Shed, Simon Thackray used to invite competitors take to the water for the Yorkshire Pudding Boat Race. Brave participants would load themselves into their pudding boat and off they’d float. With each boat really made of just flour, water and eggs. 

Hot fat is the secret to a great Yorkshire pudding
If you’re thinking about trying your hand at making the kind of Yorkshire pudding a northerner would be proud of, the secret is in the heat. Before spooning in your batter, ensure your tin is oiled (continue reading for exactly which kind of oil) and placed in a (very) hot oven – you want to see a sizzle as the batter drops in. 

A Yorkshire pudding must be four inches tall
A Yorkshire pudding that ‘flops’ can only be compared with dropping your biscuit in your (Yorkshire) tea – a tragedy. According to the Royal Society of Chemistry a flat Yorkshire pudding is no pudding at all. To constitute a proper pud it must measure in at no less than four inches tall.

Steer clear of oil 
According to Chris Blackburn, avoid using oil to make your puds. Olive oil and sunflower oil burn easily and can give your puddings a bitter taste – the only exception is rapeseed oil as it is able to reach the appropriate temperature. If you can, always use beef dripping, it’s the best and easiest way to make your puds taste good. 

We officially celebrate Yorkshire puddings twice a year
British Yorkshire Pudding Day, which believe it or not has only been going a decade, falls on the first Sunday of February, while National Yorkshire Pudding Day (which is also celebrated in the USA, we hear they’re fans too) is on 13th October.

…and there’s a Yorkshire pudding Festival
In celebration of the fluffy and fabulous Yorkshire pudding, the first ever Yorkshire Pudding Festival will take place on 1st February at Leeds Kirkgate Market. The one-day festival is free to attend and will play host to a range of food vendors all showcasing their own take on our humble pud – mixing, stuffing and smothering them with all manner of delicious treats. There’ll also be plenty of other Yorkshire produce on offer, as well as live entertainment throughout the day. 

Chris Blackburn’s award-winning Yorkshire pudding recipe 
The Best Yorkshire Pudding Recipe 
Easy Toad-In-The-Hole
Easy Toad-In-The-Hole

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