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Celebrate Ginuary with these five gin-based drinks recipes


You’ve tried dry January, damp January, and perhaps even Veganuary in an effort to make the coming year healthier. But why not try something that you might actually stick to, and celebrate Ginuary with these five delicious, gin-based drinks recipes

Earl Grey Martini

A perfect choice for people wishing to combine their fanaticisms for tea and gin, this Earl Grey Martini requires only three ingredients. Simply pour 700ml gin over a tablespoon of loose Earl Grey tea and stir for about a minute, before pouring it into your teapot, ready to serve over ice. Sounds like our kind of afternoon tea.

Blood Orange Gin and Tonic

You can’t go wrong with a good old G&T. When you’re braving the miserable January weather, pour yourself one of these and try to defrost while you imagine yourself sipping your beverage on a balmy summer evening. We recommend one-part gin to two-parts tonic, and add some blood orange for a bright, citrusy twist on the classic cocktail.

Courgette Martini

Maintain the semblance of a healthy diet with this nutritious recipe. To make it, simply grate a courgette and mix it with the juice of two lemons and two tablespoons of sugar, leave it to steep for an hour, before pouring through a sieve into a jug. To make one martini, mix one shot of vermouth with two shots of gin and a shot of the courgette syrup, and enjoy your wholesome drink.

Classic Negroni

Simple, tasty and devastatingly strong, this old-school cocktail is having a real resurgence in bars across the country. Having been created in 1919 – when the Italian Count Negroni asked for the soda in his Americano to be replaced with gin – the straightforward recipe of one-part Campari, one-part vermouth rosso and one-part gin, garnished with orange peel, has stood the test of time. Try experimenting with different gins to find what most complements the strong taste of the Campari.

Med Red Snapper

Try out this hardy drink if you’re in need of something substantial of an evening. Combine two shots of gin with three shots of tomato juice, half a squeezed lemon and dashes of Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce and Tabasco. Add a few basil leaves, half a teaspoon of sugar syrup and a pinch of salt, before stirring up the mixture, with ice. Strain the cocktail into a tall glass and garnish with a tomato and a dash of olive oil. Think of it as a Bloody Mary, but better because it contains gin.

Published in: January 2019

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