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New Menu, New Local Meat


Sean Elliott Photography – The Beaumont
The Beaumont hotel teams up with Hexham and Northern Marts to put local beef and lamb on its brand new menu

The Beaumont Hotel have announced an exciting new partnership with Hexham and Northern Marts in an attempt to bring more local beef and lamb to their restaurant’s menu. Following the results of a recent poll on social media, The Beaumont is hoping to respond to their customers’ demand for supporting local farmers and the food that they produce.

Across the nation, diners are increasingly expressing an interest in the provenance of their food and the new owners of The Beaumont, Magda and Roger Davy, are working alongside head chef Daniel Lansley to bring this issue to the forefront of the restaurant’s menu. This comes after an extensive refurbishment of the hotel, restaurant and kitchen which now boasts state-of-the-art catering equipment. 

To achieve this desire to put more local produce on their menu, the hoteliers contacted Chris Armstrong, auctioneer at Hexham Market, to seek his advice. ‘We wanted to use the best local produce available to us, with a leaning towards traditional native breeds, that are renowned for their eating quality,’ says Daniel Lansley. A lengthy conversation between Roger, Daniel, and Chris ensued and this has resulted in Northumberland Blackface Lamb and Aberdeen Angus cross Beef being procured from local farmers who are existing customers of The Mart, based on Tyne Green.

Chris was impressed by The Beaumont’s approach towards the quality and provenance of their food. ‘I’d been to eat in the restaurant at The Beaumont, following a number of recommendations from friends, out of curiosity as any auctioneer or livestock farmer would do. I enquired where the meat had been sourced from. I was delighted when the head chef came out of the kitchen not only to tell me, but to ask why I had inquired, did I enjoy it, and how could it be improved upon. I thought this showed a real dedication to the profession, and to his own position at the hotel.’

According to Chris, Northumberland’s livestock is well worth shouting about. ‘Northumbrian livestock farmers are some of the best in the country, perhaps the world. But unfortunately now red meat products are mass-processed by major retailers and catering outlets in an attempt to feed the entire country in the most efficient, cost-effective way, its provenance is often lost. We’ve teamed up with Simpson’s butchers in County Durham, who are able to slaughter and age the beef and lamb to Daniel’s own specifications. This means that the cuts appearing on the menu, have been taken from animals that have been bred, reared, finished, sourced, slaughtered and aged, all within as close proximity to the hotel, the Tyne Valley and the county as is practically possible,’ says Chris.

‘The commitment of the team at The Beaumont, and Daniel’s own vision to use the entire animal rather than selected cuts, means that the carbon footprint created by the kitchen is drastically reduced. This ensures that economic advantages for local businesses remain in the region. It’s a win, win situation,’ adds Chris. 

Locally sourced beef and lamb is currently being aged for use in The Beaumont Hotel’s kitchen and will appear on their menus by the end of March. 

The Beaumont Hotel, Beaumont Street, Hexham
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Published in: March 2019

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