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Busy Lizzies can add a pop of colour to any summer garden as a popular bedding plant
Cacti are cool now, don’t you know. The perfect low-maintenance plant. Here, expert Emma...
As Britain prepares to batten down the hatches for winter, it’s time to put our gardens...
Discover the garden using smart technology and organic techniques to bloom
Butterfly on flower
On A Wing And A Prayer
Making Memories
Green Garden with garden seat
Ask the Experts
Herbaceous border
Expert tips for a stunning herbaceous border
St Ives Bistro Set
Cutting Edge


Don’t know your buddleia from your elbow? Never fear: we’ve asked some of the best...
Summer is prime time for butterflies – but what can you do to make sure these winged...
Forget-me-nots are the ideal bridge plant between spring and summer – and following the...
Last year Burnby Hall Gardens and Museum was awarded a £634,800 Heritage Lottery Grant to...

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