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Despite launching only two months ago Flow with Fallon’s virtual Vinyasa classes have become part of a daily routine for many. We caught up with Rebecca to find out why a platform for people to learn and socially connect through yoga was much needed
'I began teaching my family – the main aim was to unite us all and instil some calm during the initial uncertain weeks'

What made you begin practising yoga?
I'm still relatively new to yoga having only discovered around three years ago to help me de-stress during University. We had a lovely local studio so it was easy to get hooked. From there I got into it more whilst I was travelling and my love of yoga – combined with love of travel – encouraged me to undertake my teacher training in Goa, India last November.

What was the decision behind learning to teach?
I travelled to India to deepen my own practise, and thought maybe I could go on to teach my family and friends. However, during my teacher training I caught the bug. Being in front of others and watching them progress in their practise was so rewarding. When I returned from India I thought about teaching but life got in the way and I secured a placement in New York that was due to start in March. So, without Covid-19 scuppering everyone’s plans I would not have started teaching online!

What kind of yoga do you teach and what is it about that style you love?
I teach Vinyasa-style yoga. Vinyasa means linking breath through movement and this is one of the key focuses of all my classes – it helps the body move into postures and flow.

What led you to kick start your virtual Zoom yoga classes?
I began teaching my family – the main aim was to unite us all and instil some calm during the initial uncertain weeks – but these sessions were enjoyed so much I decided to broaden my reach and create Flow With Fallon. 
Zoom became a portal for me to try to create a sense of community during a time which has felt isolating for many. On the surface we unite by moving together, but really it’s so much more. You’re able to see everyone, have a chat and giggle before and after classes which can be valuable for those on their own right now – or those just needing different company!

What can we expect from classes?
First and foremost you can expect to leave with a smile on your face. Each class is an hour long and begins with a welcome chat, a quick catch up, and a reminder that this is your practise and to only take moves that feel good for you. We then go through our flow together (embracing the wobble) and often have a theme throughout which finishes with a take-home – this is something everyone can take forward into the rest of the day, like a positive quote or mantra.

What do we need to be able to practice at home?
You just need yourself and some space. If you have any sort of mat or towel then bonus points! I may sometimes suggest 'props' but these are all improvised household items.

Our backs and joints are probably more stiff than ever now we're working from home (or spending all day sitting on the sofa) – are there any simple movements we can try to stretch them out?
I always suggest getting up and moving at least every hour if you're sat working from home at a desk. Stand yourself up nice and tall and start with some simple head and shoulder rolls. Take your hands behind you into a fist opening up your chest and take a simple forward fold with your knees bent. This kills three birds with one stone – it opens the chest (counteracting the hunched desk shoulders), lengthens the hamstrings (which are crushed from sitting down all day) and a forward folds will leave you feeling calm as your heart is above your head.

We're also all beginning to feel more stressed heading for our third month in lock down? How can we try to ease this?
Firstly, by being kind to ourselves. This is going to be a marathon not a sprint. Not every day has to go 100 percent to plan, or be totally productive – don't be too hard on yourself when those days come. Try to accept and move forward, tomorrow is always a new day. I'd suggest starting the day with one thing you'd like to achieve and how you'd like to feel after it – setting a measurable goal allows you to have small successes every day which does wonders for the self esteem. 

Your current quarantine routine?
I'm definitely a morning person, so I get up pretty early, around 6:30am, and go downstairs and make myself a coffee and drink water. I like to start my mornings pretty chilled and quiet, so I try not to look at my phone and do some of my own morning mobility, followed by some yoga, before I teach my first class. I also try to meditate for at least 10 minutes a day – but this doesn't always happen! After my two morning groups I have brunch and the rest of the afternoon is mine. I'll spend it going on my daily walk, planning classes, reading, having zoom calls with friends, cooking or chilling with my family – or whatever I feel like that day to keep me sane. 

Favourite quote getting you through?
There is always light at the end of the tunnel, it just may be that this tunnel is not straight forward.

See Instagram @FlowWithFallon for Rebecca’s weekly schedules and to join a class.

Published in: May 2020

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