With all of the time in the world to soak away our troubles right now we spoke to aromatherapy and sleep specialists, Kiss The Moon to find out the best ways to supercharge our self-care

Claim your end of day me-time
The biggest single tip we can give to help manage all this is to put time aside each evening for a bit of well deserved 'Me TIme'. Even a 15-minute wind down at night can act like a pressure valve, helping you make sense of the day and quieten your mind before bed. Spend the time doing something you love and that makes you feel calm. Our first choice would be to head straight to the only room in the house with a lock on the door – the bathroom. Get your fluffiest bath robe at the ready, put the do not disturb sign on the bathroom door and treat yourself to an at home pamper session. We’re talking hair mask, face polish, soak in the tub, candles, chilled out music, you get the picture.

Indulge in bath time
Run yourself a deep warm bath then add music, light an aromatherapy scented candle and a generous helping of your favourite relaxing bath oil. The soothing effect of a soak in scented, warm water helps to relax muscles and the slight fall in temperature as you step out nudges your body in to sleep mode. Don’t forget to bring your favourite book to escape for a while…

Revive and nourish skin
Try an exfoliating face polish to restore skin’s natural glow. The orange and geranium aromatherapy oils in Kiss the Moon’s GLOW After Dark Face Polish also help you to relax and brighten your mood so you go to bed feeling worry free. They are blended with exfoliating brown sugar AHAs and skin-softening mango butter to smooth skin and encourage overnight cell renewal. Exfoliating just before bed is the perfect time as skin renews itself while we are sleeping, follow with a nourishing face oil and prepare to sleep beautifully.

Ease tired feet
Our poor feet work hard all day and are often at the back of the queue when it comes to being looked after. Ease tired and aching feet by treating them to a bath with bath salts to ease aches and soothe the skin. Follow with a little DIY foot massage, heaven at the end of a busy day. Sit somewhere comfortable and gently massage each foot in turn. Our luxurious DREAM Night Cream for Feet has the perfect rich texture. Don't forget to have a towel and some footwear at the ready so you don't risk slipping when you stand. Why not really bring the spa to your home and paint your nails, who doesn’t feel better with bright and shiny mani-pedi?

Love your hands
Night time is the only chance for our hands to get a break from washing, drying and hard work. While we are sleeping our skin cells are busy repairing and rejuvenating. So choose a hand cream that is nourishing enough to restore the skin's natural oils and moisture and loaded with the vitamins and minerals cells need to stay healthy. Our LOVE Night Cream for Hands is super rich and nourishing (thanks to the whipped shea butter) but sinks in beautifully without being sticky. We’ve added nutrient rich rose and frankincense aromatherapy oils to boost cell repair, help healing and leave skin beautifully scented at bedtime. Before turning out the light try a bit of DIY hand reflexology to ease away tensions and leave you feeling soothed and ready for a beautiful night's sleep.

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Published in: May 2020

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