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Financial Planning: Your Questions Answered


The Financial Planning team at Joslin Rhodes address some of the most common questions being asked by clients in relation to the current crisis

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Can I lose it all?
No, portfolios include a range of assets and are very diverse, so whilst some funds fall, others stabilise.

Is there a maximum limit of how far funds can go down?
No, but the portfolios do their job and protect as much as they can with tolerance levels.
Should I pull it all out?
Absolutely not, as this will turn a swing in value/paper loss into a real loss.

Can you make my investments safer, to avoid further falls?
We generally do not recommend short-term response, because risk and asset allocation are recommended with the long-term in mind. We've factored in extreme years in our calculations and generally we might recommend differing large withdrawals – or using other sources.

Can you make my investments more adventurous or aggressive to reclaim ‘lost growth’?
As risk goes both ways, we wouldn't recommend pursuing higher growth unless your circumstances or tolerance for risk have changed.
Can I still afford to retire now?
We would want to update your plan first, but probably, yes. If adjustments are needed, you could decide, for example, whether you're more comfortable with reducing expenditure slightly, working in a different capacity, or using equity from your home.

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Published in: April 2017

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