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How this new business will help protect our pets and our planet


A new Tynemouth business, Pets Against Plastics, want to provide a one stop shop for pet owners to buy sustainable products for their pets. We find out what to expect as they launch

Tell me a bit about yourselves
We are Luke and Lucy and we are currently living in beautiful Tynemouth. Lucy is a Veterinary Nurse by trade and has always loved working with animals, especially cats. She is a crazy cat lady through and through, and a crazy cat nurse too. Luke works in digital marketing and loves being a dog dad.

Tell me a bit about your pets
We have three lovely ‘children’ – two black cats; 13-year-old Dolly, and three-year-old Ruben who came to us as a stray. Our eldest ‘child’ is Penny the Jack Russell Terrier who has recently turned 15 and can be seen strolling round Tynemouth in her pram.

Where did the idea for the business come from?
We have been trying to reduce our plastic consumption since late 2018. We struggled with finding sustainable and plastic-free options for our pets so wanted to create a platform for people like ourselves to find products. 

How do you aim to reduce plastic consumption?
In our minds if everyone made a small change, this would have a huge impact on the environment. If all we achieved was educating and encouraging people about the need to reduce their plastic consumption, then we would be happy. Perhaps also for everyone to switch from plastic poo bags to an eco-friendlier option such as compostable.

All our packaging will be plastic-free. We work with our suppliers to limit, if not eradicate, the plastic used when sending products to us and any parcel you receive from Pets Against Plastic will be plastic-free and recyclable. We are working with local shops to re-use any cardboard boxes they have, aiming to re-use until the boxes need to head to recycling.

Why is this important to you?
We love animals and the earth we live on; it’s horrifying to see what human beings have done to this planet. On our daily walks, seeing plastic littered all over the beach is heart-breaking. Single-use plastic should not be an option; it is something that we all need to work together to stop. As a business we want to help with that fight and so we’ll be donating a percentage of each sale to Plastic Oceans UK via the amazing Work For Good platform. So not only will customers be making an eco-friendly choice of products, they will also be helping to stop plastic reaching the oceans within a generation.

What can we expect from Pets Against Plastics when you launch?
We will be launching our website on 5th February 2021 and will be stocking a number of eco-friendly, plastic free products from a variety of UK brands. The products we stock are handpicked by ourselves; we love the products and the ethos the companies stand for. We will be adding to the website as we discover new brands, and sourcing products from customer suggestions and needs. We will be offering UK-wide postage and will offer to hand deliver orders to customers in North Tyneside.

How do your products help both the planet and pets?
All the products we stock will be made from eco-friendly, sustainable materials which will last a long time. When they are no longer required, they will naturally break down or be recycled, reducing their impact on the planet. The products we stock are made naturally without harmful materials and all the treats we offer are all natural which is a great benefit to our cats and dogs.

Have your pets trialled the products? What do they think?
The perks of the job are that our pets get to try many of the products first. They absolutely love them! The treats have gone down well with Penny especially. We have also given products to our pet-owner friends to try out too.

What’s your favourite thing about the North?
The beach. Nothing beats a walk along the coast and a paddle in the sea.

What do you get up to in your spare time?
Unsurprisingly, we spend a lot of our spare time on beach walks. It is just so beautiful up here. When we are not in lockdown, we love to hang out with our friends and family. Music gigs are something we miss greatly and can't wait to get back to them as soon as we can. Lucy has taken up a new lockdown hobby – she can be seen attempting to roller-skate along the seafront.

One thing you couldn’t live without?
Our pets. There is no contest. Oh, and pizza.

What are your hopes for the future of the business?
We want our business to grow into a place that raises awareness of the plastic issues we are facing. We don’t want to just stock products, we want to create a community for like-minded people to enable us all to work together to make a change. We have big plans for the future including plenty of beach cleans (when we’re allowed) and lots more. Keep your eyes peeled…

Published in: February 2021

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