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Repairing Landmarks in Yorkshire and the Humber


Plastic Surgeon
A specialist finishing and repair firm are on the look out for run down landmarks that need a little bit of love in Yorkshire and the Humber

Restoration company Plastic Surgeon are calling on the public to nominate cracked iconic statues, stained public artworks and tired local monuments desperate for a burst of new life. They’ve started a nationwide ‘Community Restoration Project’ campaign with hopes to restore forgotten landmarks in the UK and bring pride to the communities they are in. 
Gary Danson, Operations Director for Plastic Surgean says, ‘it’s a campaign inspired by an undertaking of ours in North Shields, which saw us restore a statue of Stan Laurel marking the fact he grew up within the area.
‘After 30 years of neglect and exposure to the elements, it was looking in a very sorry state until we stepped in and rectified the wear and tear. The feedback we received following its restoration was great, while it also seemed to create a sense of restored civic pride alongside the actual restoration itself – hence the concept of community restoration. It was this that inspired us to try and replicate the enthusiasm for the results of our repair work elsewhere.’
People from Yorkshire and the Humber will be encouraged to enter their suggestions which will compete for a place on a nationwide shortlist, and a popular vote will then decide the winner. Entries should explain why the installation is important to the community and why it is worthy of restoration in the hope to engage public support.
They’ll be looking for the small scale, worthy projects that have a place in the communities hearts. Gary says, ‘while we’d love to restore every suggestion that’s put forward, unfortunately, resource won’t allow it. So, we’re looking to whittle it down to a really worthy winner. Whichever entry gets the most votes, will be the one that we repair.’
The company is no stranger to the weird and wacky repairs too. They repaired life-sized rhinos sculptures as part of Paignton Zoo’s Great Big Rhinos conservation fundraising project in Torbay.

‘Our company ethos – given the fact we advocate repair over replacement – is centred on sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The local community is important to us and this is an approach we’re looking to extend to a wider audience. As a business that has a national reach, our ‘local’ community technically stretches the length of the UK and beyond,’ said Gary.          

‘We’re really looking forward to seeing what comes to light and, hopefully, we’ll find a statue, public art installation or whatever it happens to be, that’s close to the heart of its community, allowing us to help promote some civic pride while also restoring a potential eyesore to its former splendour.’
If you have a local installation in mind that needs repair, please send your nomination to
Entries will not be accepted after September 28th.

Published in: September 2018

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