Stuck inside with your partner? Here are some tips for being in a conscious relationship (and not annoying each other) from a life coach | Living North

Stuck inside with your partner? Here's how to cope


Building and maintaining strong and healthy relationships is more relevant than ever at the moment, as many couples are spending long periods of time together at home

What is a Conscious Relationship?
It’s important to establish that you are both on the same page when it comes to a conscious relationship. Just by acknowledging that you are in one means that you are bonded in a new way before you even begin. Decide what a conscious relationship looks like for you both, these are just guidelines but each couple will be different. The loose idea is that its a relationship within which both partners feel committed to a sense of purpose and that purpose is growth. Write down a list of open questions to explore together – what do you each want your relationship to look like, what excites you both, how do you wish to exist together?

Make an agreement for absolute honesty in the relationship with each other. Firstly, this will involve facing your own emotions with absolute honesty to bring them to the table. You simply can’t have a conscious relationship without honesty. You can’t bond and grow without the truth of a situation, which often means coming to terms with and facing the darker side of your personality. You have to be totally honest about your pain and your feelings as this allows for a deeper connection.

Growth Rituals
Build some disciplines together that will allow you to grow individually, and as a couple. It could be that you both meditate on a Sunday evening together or that you train together every week. Maybe you both spend time reading together or that you commit to listening to a podcast each week when apart so you can come back together to discuss it.

Past Relationships
Past relationships aren’t something to be cast aside and forgotten – they are life’s great teachers. If you can be honest and open about where you went wrong or were hurt in the past you can help one another not to make the same mistakes again. This honesty allows you both to see one another in a new light and gives space for more intimacy.

Courtesy of Personal Responsibility Coach and Founder of I AM SOUND Academy Nat Rich

Published in: March 2020

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