5 Good Deeds To Do This Week


From an app to help your neighbours to the more pressing need for blood donations, these good deeds will put your time to good use – if you're fit and well

Give Blood

The UK are facing a severe blood shortage, as many of their donors have begun to cancel their regular donations, and this is only expected to increase. If you’re fit and well, be sure to head to your appointment or sign up to donate now.

Help out a Neighbour

The older generation are set to be one of the most affected at this time. If you’re free, fit, well and prepared to help out, download the Nextdoor app, which has implemented a functionality that allows you to mark your profile as ‘able to help.’ Or, print off these slips, which you might have seen circulating social media, and post them through your neighbours doors – you can offer to help with everything from collecting their prescriptions to picking up their food and daily essentials. 

Buy a Voucher

Don’t forget, your local independents need you and they’re going to suffer without your support. So, from the local café where you pick up your daily coffee, to the pancake house where you head for your Sunday brunch, consider picking up a voucher to use in the future, once their doors re-open and kitchens are running smoothly again. 

FaceTime your Family

With restrictions advised on social contact make sure you check in with your loved ones as often as you can. Self isolating can be a lonely time, particularly for the older generation, so make time for a FaceTime – they’ll appreciate it, trust us.

Leave a Review

Leave a positive review or comment on TripAdvisor, or directly on a hotel or restaurant’s social media channels. Once it’s business as usual again, your review will be valued by prospective customers and, for the time being, your support through these difficult times will mean a lot to the business owners. 

Published in: March 2020

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