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50 Ways To Live To 100


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Follow these tips and clock up the years
‘If you pack in too much TV, consider watching less for a longer life. Studies have shown that for every hour we watch, we live 22 minutes less. Something to think about’
Swimming, Garlic, Men, Health, Fitness, Diet
Toothbrush, Apples, Diet, Men, Health, Fitness

1. H20 Drinking water fights infections and keeps your skin looking healthy.

2. CRACK UP Eggs yolks are an excellent sources of iron. Serve soft for full nutritional benefits.

3. GOOD DEED When you’re out Christmas shopping, consider this: giving makes you live longer. Being generous can have a positive impact on our health, so go all out this year.

4. NICE BREW Slow metabolism? One or two cups of coffee a day speed things up. 

5. SUPPLEMENT Multivitamins can set you up for life. Ones to look out for are vitamin D to lower the risk of colon cancer and vitamin E to ward off heart disease.

6. CREATIVE FLOW You don’t have to own an easel to be creative, but taking photographs, drawing or making something can reduce stress and negative emotions. 

7. BONE UP Keep bones strong by topping up with magnesium.

8. SOMETHING SWEET Sub in cinnamon on your porridge instead of sugar.

9. AVOCADO HEAVEN The fat in avocados reduces cholesterol, lowers risk of heart disease... you get the idea.

10. EAR EAR Corn on the cob is your intestines’ best friend. 

11. LESS SALTY Find your apron and cook your own food to decrease your daily intake of sodium. 

12. CARD TRICK Playing card games has cognitive benefits later in life.

13. ROW YOUR BOAT Rowing on water is fun and really, really hard. Get out there and get lean.

14. DEEP BREATH Give your muscles and joints a lifetime of flexibility by breathing deeply. It will also improve circulation, stress levels, concentration and the immune system. Simple. 

15. EAT FAT Stock up on unsaturated fats with a fix of oily fish and nuts to reduce blood and cholesterol levels.  

16. CUT IT OUT Resolve heated disagreements quickly and stub out those cigarettes – these are two of the biggest causes of high blood pressure. Nobody wants to hold a grudge anyway.

17. THINK Keep your brain active with puzzles for a sharp, long-lasting memory. Who knew sudoku could be so beneficial? 

18. STINK It may smell, but garlic helps sufferers recover faster from flu – 46 per cent faster. 

19. BUY A DETECTOR Radon levels can affect your chances of getting cancer. Avoid the risks and buy a detector for your home.

20. SPRINT AHEAD Sprinting is the best way to burn fat. Sprint. Then sprint again. 

21. EAT LESS MEAT Swap the red meat for fruit, vegetables and fibre-rich beans and cereals. Make your bowel happy. 

22. WATER SPORT Butterfly is the best swimming stroke to burn calories, but you won’t give up while doing front crawl. 

23. EAT ZINC Fight infection and keep your immune system balanced with zinc supplements.

24. AND EAT COPPER Copper keeps blood vessels strong. 

25. BE PROBIOTIC Fight bacteria and help your gut. Probiotics balance and improve its function.

26. PARTAKE IN POTASSIUM It keeps the kidneys healthy.

27. GO GREEN  Leafy vegetables contain vitamin E and K, which can keep skin healthy and allow blood to clot. Good all round.

28. JUMP TO IT Plyometrics (or jump training) is the training choice of Olympic athletes, due to its explosive approach to building muscle strength and speed. 

29. COCO NUTS Coconut oil can increase energy levels, help prevent brain disorders and kill off infections.

30. MUNCH IODINE Sourced from sea life, iodine can improve metabolic rate, hair and teeth. 

31. CHUG CHROMIUM Can help ward off diabetes. 

32. OUT IN THE OPEN Escape to the country for a healthier life. If you were born in a rural area, you are likely to live for up to two more years. Lucky.

33. WRITE IT DOWN Scribble more. It doesn’t matter what you write, but jotting it down has been proven to balance emotions, deal with problems and even help the immune system.

34. LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE Positive thinking is good for you – it reduces depression, makes you less susceptible to colds and generally leads to a longer and happier life. Smile.

35. EARLY RISER Getting out for a run in the morning can improve blood pressure and improve mood.

36. BALANCING ACT Simple things like standing on one leg will work your core muscles and allow you to become more balanced. Try when brushing your teeth. 

37. BRUSH UP While you’re at it, brushing your teeth for an extra minute can reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

38. THE BIG FREEZE A cold shower improves your metabolic rate and burns calories. 

39. REMOTE CONTROLLED If you pack in too much TV, consider watching less for a longer life. Studies have shown that for every hour we watch, we live 22 minutes less. Something to think about. 

40. TECH NO Looking at too much artificial light at night is disruptive to your sleep patterns. 

41. CHEW ON IT It is said that moving your jaw encourages the flow of blood to the brain. Chewing gum will do the trick.

42. STRIKE A CHORD Learning to play an instrument can keep dementia at bay. Fender time.

43. SKIN DEEP Look after your skin by using a good quality razor. It’ll stay looking young for longer.

44. SUN PROTECTION Exposing your skin to the sun can increase the risk of skin cancer and melanoma. 

45. ACUPUNCTURE Aches and pains? Try acupuncture for back complaints, headaches and indigestion.

46. PILATES If you thought pilates was for women, think again. It can reduce stress levels and increase flexibility.

47. APPLE OF MY EYE Apples are full of antioxidants and can reduce the risks of major chronic illnesses.        

48. SERENITY Let go of stress and take time to relax. Yoga will teach you how to control your breathing and improve mood through movement. Worth a go.

49. MAKE AN INQUIRY The key to an interesting, long life is curiosity. Make a discovery every day – it will boost brain activity.

50. LAUGHTER Is the best medicine really laughter? It seems so. A good chuckle can benefit the immune system, energy levels and heart. Plus it’s free. What’s not to like? 

Published in: September 2016

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