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Check back soon for a confirmed date and all the information you need on how you can nominate companies and individuals for this year's awards.


Foodie Favourite of the year
Food has always been at the heart of Living North’s pages. This award will celebrate a local producer or a specialist retailer, a farm shop or a deli which demonstrates excellence and quality in the preparation, display and promotion of locally sourced product or produce.


Restaurant of the Year
The North East has seen an impressive increase in both the number and quality of its restaurants. Produce, service, interior design and the cooking are all better than ever but which restaurant most deserves this coveted award?


Informal Dining of the year
The excellence of cafes, bistros, brasseries and pop up restaurants of almost every type are growing in their quality and quantity but which of these is making the biggest impression on the North East’s eating scene?


Pub of the Year
To survive, many pubs have had to diversify and try new ideas... food has been improved, new looks have been introduced and some have just kept providing an amazing traditional atmosphere, but which one has performed the best?


Bar of the Year
The North East has been renowned for the quality of its bars for generations. In recent years these bars have become ever more alluring and enticing to a far broader audience. Food, entertainment and exotic drinks from across the globe have all added to the overall offer. Coupled with stylish designs and outstanding service these bars have ensured the North East remains a huge draw for residents and visitors alike, but which bar is best?

Accommodation of the Year
The growth in the North East’s tourism sector has been impressive of late and this has been fuelled by improvements to and investments in many small hotels, B&Bs, guesthouses, cottages and self-catered facilities but which of these smaller establishments (under 20 rooms) merits this accolade?


Hotel of the Year
Since Living North has been published some truly outstanding hotels have been opened or enhanced, helping to attract more leisure and business travel to the region. Restaurants, leisure facilities and service are now key parts of creating an all-round destination but which hotel will win out?

Attraction of the Year
The North East is renowned for its historic buildings and castles but there is a diverse range of other cultural and contemporary attractions that have excelled in recent times. Which will be the recipient of this most deserving award?


Performance of the Year
Every great venue, place or space of every genre needs creativity and flair. They also need to aspire to bringing high standards of performance and customer experience coupled with remarkable exhibitions and events of all types. Which of these has set the highest standard this year?


Retailer of the Year
A nation of shopkeepers? Well there’s a fair few others working hard too but there is no doubting the huge significance independent retailers of all types and sizes have kept our high streets energised but which has set the bar the highest and most deserves this award?


Business of the Year  
Without the diversity, imagination and ingenuity of businesses across the region the North East could be a back-water. Service industries of all sizes, manufacturers and makers of a range of goods not to mention a sensational selection of small businesses give the region energy and wealth. Which most deserves this accolade?


Entrepreneur of the Year
Bringing together our businessman and businesswoman categories this year we are seeking to applaud someone who has either started in business quite recently or who may have a string of businesses to their name. We are seeking someone inspirational who through their business life has made a fundamental difference to the region and is someone who others can take a lead from.


Designer Maker of the year
Behind many parts of our life we experience the can do spirit of designers, craftsmen and women and makers who through their imagination, creative flair and design set the bar a little higher while exciting and inspiring at the same time. This award will celebrate the work of one such person or group of people.


Health & Beauty Award
From gyms to hair and beauty salons, fitness coaches to spas we’ve never had so much choice when it comes to looking and feeling good but who has set the highest standards?


Changing Lives Award
One of our must-read features each month reflects on the extraordinary lengths people go to to make a difference to the lives of others. We have met a huge number of people all of whom deserve an award but on this occasion we will be selecting one very special person or organisation.


Promise and Potential Award
A community is nothing without young people with hope, ambition and dedication backed up by an understanding that hard work and determination can win the day.  Which of our many talented young people most deserve this award?


Best Regeneration or Restoration Award
In both the public and private sectors in good times and challenging ones many places have been dramatically, sympathetically and visibly improved. This has enriched lives but which of these has made the most difference?


Best programme at a venue 
Across the North East are venues of all sizes offering a contrasting mix of cultural, sporting and mixed use performance and arrangement. Some host international events and performers, others stage occasions that celebrate the best of the region’s talent. Which however has provided the best programme this year?


Creative Contribution Award
Design and creative flair touches many parts of our lives from the visual arts, crafts and fashion to the practical and unique designs found in our homes, gardens and place of work. This excellence inspires us but who has made the biggest contribution?


Contribution to the North East Award
Since Living North has been publishing there have been dramatic and lasting improvements to our lives and community but which person or organisation deserves this one off award for a truly outstanding contribution.


Lifetime Achievement Award
There are many heroes in the region, some well known and celebrated, others who are little known but their achievements are many and varied: who will receive this our most prestigious presentation of the evening?

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