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Monica Vinader product shot 2 women whispering Monica Vinader
July 2022
Reading time 5 Minutes

Sail through summer in style with these must-have accessories

From bucket hats to this season's jewellery trends, here are our top picks.

Bucket hat, £15  John Lewis & Partners, Newcastle and Leeds

Crystal gaze earrings, £65 ibbi at Vallum, Northumberland

Sogno ruffle clutch, £213 Poolside at 

Beaded bracelet, £32

Pompom bag, £58 

Zimmerman bikini model

Sunrise earrings, £24 Tutti & Co at Fenwick, Newcastle or stockists regionwide

Pink sunglasses, £60 Le Specs Luxe at Jules B, Jesmond 

Woven clutch, £220

 Aluminium Sunset angle, £300

Add crochet tote bag, £70

Siren Must ring, £170 Monica Vinader, stockists regionwide

Chloe bag

Striped headband, £40 

Rubedo hexagonal sunglasses, £321 Tiffany, stockists regionwide

Juicy Sunday hoops, £90

Towelling bucket hat, £15 Marks & Spencer, branches regionwide

Woven tote, £130 Jigsaw, stockists regionwide 

Rainbow hoops, £65 Blaiz Boutique at

Cotton flower print hat, £35 

Mykonos straw and leather bag, £70 The Leather Mob, Tynemouth

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