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Picnic setup
Places to go
June 2017
Reading time 3 minutes
Blankets at the ready

Bolam Lake Country Park, Belsay
Tie your feast in with a woodland walk around the lake before settling on the pier.

Saltwell Park, Gateshead
Ideal for families, this popular Victorian park often has a bouncy castle or train rides. Although it’s a busy spot there are plenty of benches and grassy areas to spread out on.

Embleton Bay
A stunning seaside spot for your picnic. Pop open the prosecco with Dunstanburgh Castle as your backdrop – just think of the Instagrams.

Rosebury Topping, North York Moors
Prefer to work off your sausage rolls? Climb up Rosebury Topping and reap the rewards of a fabulous view.

Allen Banks and Staward Gorge, Bardon Mill
There are ample spaces to stop for lunch around this pretty woodland walk to Plankey Mill, with the opportunity to paddle in the river too.

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