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model wearing white summer dress, trilby hat and carrying a hessian beach bag with collage of perfume bottles to the right hand side Lifestyle: Monsoon
Health and beauty
July 2022
Reading time 3 Minutes
During the summer months your wardrobe get the usual yearly changes… out with the boots and hoodies, in with the dresses and strappy sandals. Your fragrances should be getting the same treatment, try switching out your warmers deeper perfumes for light florals and zesty citruses, the perfect summer-inspired alternatives. We’ve rounded up our favourite scents to wear now.

Paris-Paris, Chanel

Inspired by the lively spirit and inimitable style of Paris, this sparkling, floral-woody fragrance with accents of spicy pink pepper and warm patchouli is summer’s most sophisticated scent.


Eau Extraordinaire, Clarins

This bright new zesty treatment fragrance doesn’t just smell good, it helps hydrate skin with a sparkling mix of jasmine, patchouli and red ginger.


Our La Vie Est Belle, Lancome

Zesty top notes, with sparkling bergamot, pink pepper and raspberry, dry down to a heart of sunny ylang ylang, Damascena rose and iris for a light, floral summer scent.


Sea Daffodil, Jo Malone

Perfect for summer, with top notes of yellow mandarin and refreshing sea daffodil, combined with warming vanilla and ylang ylang, this is a great new addition to the already vast suite of fragrances from expert Jo Malone.


Wind Flowers, Creed

This luminous fragrance has a powerful heart of delicate jasmine flower, tuberose petals and rose extract. Pierced with the warmth of sandalwood, musk and zesty orange blossom, this scent is summer in a bottle.


Mandarino Di Amalfi, Tom Ford

With citrus fruits, wafts of mint, thyme and wildflowers this summer scent captures the  idyllic cliffsides of the Amalfi coast.


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