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3 women in swimwear Coco & Eve
Health and beauty
June 2018
Reading time 3 Minutes

Want to look your best on holiday?

After spending months in the gym and looking after your skin, don’t let holiday hair ruin your summer look. Here are our top five tips for luscious locks while you soak up the sun

In Deep Water
Chlorine is your hair’s number one enemy on holiday. It’s extremely drying, stripping your hair of natural sebum. Always soak your hair with fresh water before you head to the pool. Hair can only absorb so much liquid, so wetting your hair with fresh water before you dive in will stop it soaking up too much damaging chlorine. For extra protection, use a hair treatment or leave in conditioner before you go in the pool. Make sure to use an anti-chlorine shampoo when washing your hair, followed by a deep conditioning mask such as Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle, £4.99, or Like a Virgin Coconut and Fig Masque, £34 from Coco & Eve.

Sun, Sun, Sun
We may go on holiday in search of the sun, but the sun’s UV rays can leave hair looking and feeling frazzled and dry. UV rays can damage the outer-cover of the hair strand, causing dry strands and split ends. Dark, thick hair? You’re in luck. Thicker hair has a stronger resilience against UV damage, and natural dark hair can filter UV rays better than lighter hair, providing slightly more protection. But don’t leave it to chance, look for a leave-in conditioner with UV protection that will also protect hair from water. If you want to keep you hair looking photo-ready, opt for a spray such as the Phyto Phytoplage Original Sun Oil, £13.60 — a transparent spray with a natural UV filter that won’t leave you hair looking greasy.

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Burn, Baby Burn
Nobody wants a burnt scalp, leading to flakiness and dull hair, but taking care of it is often a last priority. If you’re not a fan of a sun hat, the best approach is to apply sunscreen along your hair parting. However, this can result in greasy-looking hair, but luckily several hair-care brands include UV protection in many of their products, including Bumble and Bumble’s Pret-a-Powder dry shampoo, £24. Go the extra mile and try a sun protection powder to save your scalp from sun damage. BareMinerals’ Natural Sunscreen, £25, is a loose powder that can be used all over your face and body, and with one sweep along your scalp, you’re good to go without greasy-looking hair.

To Dye For
Coloured hair and chlorine are a match most definitely not made in heaven. Protect your hair using a leave-in conditioner to prevent the absorption of chlorine and metals into the hair follicles, Philip Kingsley’s Swimcap, £15, is brilliant. Going green? If you have coloured or naturally light hair, watch out for the green tinge that can come from the interaction between chlorine and metals in the water. Don’t panic if you leave the pool with a green head of hair — try covering your hair in tomato juice for around 10 minutes, before you use shampoo and conditioner — it will work wonders.

All Natural 
A bit of DIY never hurt anyone, and your kitchen cupboards might be your saving grace this summer. Apple cider vinegar is a great natural cleanser for your digestive system, but it’s also great at cleansing your hair of product build up and chlorine. Use a ratio of 1:4 of apple cider vinegar and water and pour it over wet hair, before washing to cleanse your hair of damaging chlorine. For silky smooth hydrated ends, mix two tablespoons of coconut oil with a tablespoon of olive oil, then coat your hair. Let the mixture soak into your hair for about 20 minutes before washing.

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