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April 2016
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To celebrate the launch of their Blooming Great Tea Party, Marie Curie have teamed up with Cooks at Carlton Towers

They're throwing Yorkshire’s own Blooming Great Bake Off.

The event is on Friday 6 May, and up to 10 local people will be able to take part in the baking competition, hopeful that their cakes will rise to the occasion as well. 

Contestants will have 90 pressure-filled minutes to show off their skills – be it a cracking cupcake, a marvellous macaron, terrific tart or fondant fancy. In place of Paul and Mary, they’ll be under the watchful eyes of Cooks’ course director and two assistants. 

The Blooming Great Tea Party is one of Marie Curie’s best annual fundraising events, inviting people to get together with family and friends over tea and cake between 20–29 June to eat cake, drink tea and of course raise money. All the money raised helps Marie Curie to continue to provide care and support for people living with a terminal illness.

If you would like to be considered for the Blooming Great Bake Off then please contact Natalie Atherley on Names will be pulled out of a hat. 

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