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Are you social media-savvy?
October 2016
Reading time 5 minutes

A recent social media study shows what employers like, and what will have them swiping right to the next candidate

The job application process used to be so straightforward: see a job advertised, send an application and CV, get invited to an interview, pass the interview, start the job. Unfortunately, times have changed.

A recent study by online DBS check provider uCheck has found 33.5 percent of employers would like candidates to include their social media details in their CVs. Guess you’ll be taking down that questionable photo of yourself on the dance floor in Magaluf then. The survey found that employers particularly dislike these social media sins:

1. Discriminatory Material 

This one’s reasonable enough. Nobody is going to employ someone who posts discriminatory material onto a public platform; anything racist, sexist or equivalent to these things is a complete no go. Would you expect to get the job if you made such a comment in your interview? 

2. Abusive Language

If you’re having a go at your Facebook friends, or using bad language, what’s to say you wouldn’t have a go at colleagues or customers? Your potential employer has no way of knowing how professional you are so don’t leave evidence to the contrary where they can find it. Play nice.

3. Risqué Material

It doesn’t matter if the photo is of yourself or you’re posting a link to a slightly steamy YouTube video, employers take a dim view of the matter. 

4. Poor Grammar and Spelling

Your English teacher warned you that you needed to know how to use an apostrophe correctly. If you can’t be trusted to use correct, sophisticated grammar and spelling when sending correspondence in the company’s name, you’re pretty unlikely to get the job. 

5. Drunken Photos

It might be your only reminder of a great night out, but your new boss doesn’t want to see it; they think it’s unprofessional and that’s the last thing you want to appear when applying for a job. Keep them on your hard drive and reminisce in private.




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