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The Best Vinyl Record Shops Across the North East and Yorkshire

Vinyl Record Stores to Visit in Newcastle, Gateshead, York and Leeds 586 Records | Fortyfive Vinyl Café | Bug Vinyl
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August 2023
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It's National Vinyl Record Day on Saturday 12th August, and what better way to celebrate than by taking a step back in time to enjoy the classic sound of vinyl?

Here we've picked out the best vinyl record shops across the North East and Yorkshire to grab new, vintage and collectable disks.

Vinyl records are back in fashion, with music-lovers returning to them for their collectability, sound quality and nostalgia. If you’re lucky enough to have a record player of your own, there are a number of vinyl shops and cafés across the North East and Yorkshire where you can pick up a new disk and we’ve picked out some of the best ones here.

The Record Shed The Record Shed

A mecca for all vinyl enthusiasts, Vinyl Guru on Westgate Road in Newcastle is proudly independent and truly passionate about music. The perfect place to get your record fix, it's home to tens of thousands of new and pre-owned records spanning all kinds of genres and budgets. They sell plenty of vinyl record accessories too, so if you're in need of dividers, sleeves or cleaning fluid this is the place to head. Local hero Sam Fender called Vinyl Guru his favourite record store in his home town, and there’s not many reviews better than that.

A UK-based online mail order record shop and also a bricks-and-mortar high street shop in the centre of Huddersfield, Vinyl Tap sell a huge selection of new, used and collectable vinyls and CDs, and specialises specifically in rare, deleted and promo items. They have an extensive stock of 7” singles, LPs and 12” singles, as well as CDs, videos, posters, T-shirts, and memorabilia. They also hold events in their Huddersfield store, for new album launches, artist signings and playing in-store shows.

The Record Shed in Durham’s historic indoor market is a must-browse treasure chest of vinyl albums, DVDs and retro games. They offer a buy, sell or trade service and they also provide a transfer service from video or camcorder to DVD, and from vinyl or cassette to CD. If you can’t find what you’re searching for (there is a lot to browse through) make sure to ask owners Rick and Nigel, as they’re more than happy to help and will often know where to find exactly what you’re looking for.

On one of York's most historic streets, Micklegate, FortyFive is a must-visit vinyl café, bar and record store. Expect a relaxed, dog-friendly atmosphere where you can enjoy fantastic coffee, chilled beers and classic cocktails with quality music spinning on vinyl all day. With hundreds of new and used records to flick through, specialising in genres from alternative rock to jazz, they have a little bit of something for everyone and the vinyl collection is updated regularly.

Inside The Vinyl Whistle The Vinyl Whistle

An institution of the vinyl scene, Timewarp Sounds in Ashington have more than 25 years of experience collecting records and CDs. They now buy, sell and trade all genres of music (we’re talking ABC to ZZ Top and everything in between) in all formats including vinyl, CD, tape, music books and retro hi-fi. Timewarp Studios also have a hi-fi repair service and professional vinyl cleaning service to bring those dusty records back to their former glory, and while you’re there you can grab music posters, clothing and memorabilia.

Based in the heart of Headingley, The Vinyl Whistle is more than just a place to buy music, combining a record store with a café, bar and music venue. The daytime café is supported by local company Leodis coffee, while in the evening, enjoy draught beer locally brewed by Kirkstall Brewery, as well as a selection of spirits and wines. Each week a range of different gigs are held in-store with a mixture of local artists, popular bands, workshops and talks, while anyone is free to book a 30-minute slot on the Open Decks.

This independent record store has been trading in Beverley for more than five years, having established themselves as a great stop off for the avid vinyl collector to either purchase a current release or fill in a gap in their collection. As an ‘indie’ store they secure the weekly new releases on limited coloured vinyl, before the standard black vinyl is issued, and all their releases are sold sealed. Bug Vinyl also stock a wide range of labels including Third Man Records, Music On Vinyl, Bella Union and Late Night Tales to name a few, and have new labels arriving monthly.


An independent record shop in Gateshead, 586 Records is a haven for vinyl lovers to get lost in. As Gateshead’s only record store, near the Tyne Bridge in the Orbis Community building (a space that champions collaboration between creatives and communities), you’ll find racks of more than 15,000 7”, 12” and LPs for sale, and the genres range from acid house to ambient, classic, disco, electric and techno, meaning there’s something for every taste.

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