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Bridlington Photographer Shares Her Beautiful Yorkshire Snaps

sunset over a cliff
August 2023
Reading time 5 Minutes

Having always called Bridlington on Yorkshire's east coast home, photographer Alexis Blues has grown up with spectacular views right on her doorstep. She shares her photography journey with us

Being drawn to a camera from a young age, Alexis loved being able to capture the moment. 'As a child I had a Barbie polaroid which I still have the photos from, and I had an incredibly large portfolio of my dog, Dodger,' she jokes. 'Freelancing as an aerial photographer allows me do what I love and create content for everything from local events and sports to property development, documentaries and weddings. In the last three years I've been lucky enough to turn a hobby into a career, which started when I gained my Civil Aviation Authority to fly a drone commercially, and by growing my social media presence. I hope this is just the start,' she says.

Being an aerial photographer allows her to find the most beautiful landscapes, and lighting is very important to her too. ‘You can’t beat golden hour and chasing a sunset,’ she says. ‘Some weeks I could go out every day [and photograph], and some not at all. However I usually fill up my hard drive whilst on road trips and visiting new places,’ she admits.  

Now the summer weather and longer evenings are here Alexis has even more opportunity to capture the beauty of the Yorkshire coast with her drone. ‘l love to capture moving subjects such as the surfers at Whitby, and I’ve recently become more interested in wildlife photography, capturing the sea birds at Bempton Cliffs – everyone loves the puffins,’ she says. ‘My recent one of puffins at Bempton with them about to take flight with the backdrop of shimmering sunset waves is one of my favourites! These tiny puffins are hard to capture close up, never mind with a beautiful pose and backdrop. It was a “right place right time” moment.’

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Alexis has developed a loyal following on social media. ‘There are a lot of talented people around the area and I think it’s great to share our own stories and support others in doing so,’ she says. ‘I started my Instagram account in April 2019 after I bought my first drone as I wanted an outlet to share my photography with people that actually wanted to see it, rather than bombard my personal profile,’ she adds. 

Hoping to work as an aerial photographer within the travel industry and explore new places, as well as find new hidden gems, is Alexis’ ultimate photography ambition. ‘I’m also very interested in the TV and film industry – imagine being part of a David Attenborough documentary!’ she says. ‘I don’t take photography too seriously as it’s easy to get caught up in having the latest gear and getting the perfect Instagram shot. For me I just snap away, capture the moments I’d like to remember and the things I love – and I could never get bored of the coastline from Flamborough to Bempton. The beach cove and turquoise waters at North Landing are a photographer’s paradise.’ 

To see more of Alexis’ coastal shots visit her website or follow her on Instagram @alexisblues_

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