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Connect with Nature at Washington Wetland Centre
Places to go
June 2022
Reading time 3 Minutes

Enjoy a fantastic summer day out surrounded by the beauty of nature at WWT Washington Wetland Centre

Whatever the season, come rain or shine, WWT Washington Wetland Centre is the perfect place to connect with nature. Open 364 days a year, their award-winning site offers visitors of all ages a host of unforgettable wetland wildlife encounters all year round. Explore an exciting mix of wetlands, woodlands and meadows; home to rare wildfowl, flocks of waders, Asian short-clawed otters and Chilean flamingos. WWT Washington Wetland Centre tells us all about it.

‘Summer is a glorious time of year to experience our wetlands. Good weather and an abundance of flora and fauna make for a brilliant day out for all ages and interests. Absorb the sights and sounds of bird life down on Wader Lake from one of four hides, with fledglings taking to both the water and sky. Marvel at young common tern exploring the exposed mud and learning to fish, alongside broods of regionally rare avocet and gangly grey heron juveniles.

‘At the nearby saline lagoon, sightings of little egret and roe deer are highlights, while the feeding stations at Hawthorn Wood and The Lookout become busy with young woodland birds, including great-spotted woodpeckers, tits and finches. As the season rolls along, vivid dragonflies and butterflies take to the wing in good numbers across the site.


‘Enjoy a mindful meander by wildflower meadows blooming with yellow rattle, Northern marsh orchids and bee orchids, or relax on a seat overlooking our riverside ponds, teeming with colour and life in the summer sun. Common frogs, smooth newts and Southern hawkers are frequent visitors, with black-tailed skimmers on occasion.

‘Spending time with like-minded people is a great way to connect with nature. In July and August, why not join one of our new warden-led wetland walks or take part in a moth morning and learn more about the amazing nature that calls our wild reserve home? 

‘Prefer your wildlife cute and fluffy? Then head to the duckery, where our newest hatchlings can be seen drying off under heat lamps or paddling in their outdoor pens. Core-memory making stuff indeed! Our pink Chilean flamingos are also unforgettable and known for their elaborate courtship displays. Sit and soak in the drama from the bench opposite their enclosure.

‘Summer is a glorious time of year to experience our wetlands. Good weather and an abundance of flora and fauna make for a brilliant day out for all ages and interests’

‘Mimi, Musa and their son Buster – our Asian short-clawed otters – love swimming, rolling about and juggling pebbles for visitors while the sun shines. Don’t miss twice-daily talks with our experts, where you can ask questions and expand your otter knowledge.

‘Wetlands are not only spectacular to visit at this time of year, they’re also lifelines, providing water, food or habitat for almost all species, including more than a billion of us humans. What’s more, as carbon stores and natural flood defenders, they are one of our best protectors against climate change and its disastrous effects.

‘And yet, wetlands are disappearing three times faster than forests – 35 percent have disappeared since 1970. Become a WWT member and you’ll be supporting us in our mission to help protect and restore vital wetlands for generations, while visiting as often as you like to watch the seasons unfold and see the tangible difference your donation is making.’

To read more about any of these topics or to plan a visit to Washington Wetland Centre, head to or keep up to date on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @wwtwashington

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