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Nursem - Dragon's Den BBC One
March 2021
Reading time 5 minutes

We catch up with Gosforth-based caring skincare brand, Nursem, before they appear on our screens tonight in BBC’s Dragon’s Den

Developed by a nurse for nurses, Nursem was launched to counter the harsh effects of constant hand washing. A Crowdfunder was set up in 2019 by paediatric nurse, Antonia, and her husband Jonny, after Antonia suffered with sore, cracked and bleeding hands as a result of hand washing, which forced her to take sick leave. She counts herself as one of the 87 percent of nurses in the UK who suffer from contact dermatitis as a result of excessive hand washing, which is estimated to cost the NHS up to £9million per year.

You’re sure to have seen Nursem’s hand cream and hand wash products everywhere in shops throughout the pandemic so you’d be forgiven for thinking they’re a corporate company. In fact, Nursem HQ is a modest little office which is part of the co-working space called Flintlab, based just off Gosforth high street. ‘It's a lovely place to work – great location, friendly co-workers and delicious fresh coffee,’ Jonny says. ‘It's also dangerously close to Pink Lane Bakery who make the most amazing pastries. Our children's nursery is also just around the corner from the office, and it's a 10-minute walk to get home – so we're very lucky to have everything on our doorstep.’

While Nursem is still a fairly new brand, their first product was actually created in 2009 – 10 years before they launched. ‘We knew there was a serious need for a caring product that was safe, effective and that really worked,’ Jonny says. ‘In 2011, we began trialling our therapeutic formulas within the nursing community and, after a lot of development, we launched our original Caring Hand Cream in 2019. Shortly after, we formulated our Caring Skin Fix, which can be used all over the body to help tackle persistently dry, cracked and sore spots. Antonia loves using it as an overnight treatment for her hands.’

After a few great years, and with positive feedback from customers and nurses alike, Jonny and Antonia knew there was also a need for fragrance-free products, for people with hypersensitive skin. ‘Therefore, last year we launched a new un-fragranced Caring Hand Cream,’ Jonny tells us. ‘It has the same nurturing ingredients that our customers know and love but is perfect for people who aren’t as keen on having scented products, or have the most ultra-sensitive skin, and comes with our highest level of certification as Consultant Dermatologist Approved.’

The duo now continue to build Nursem as a brand following on from their successful Crowdfunder. They currently have four core products, and launched their first ever Caring Gift Sets last Christmas.

Since their launch, giving back and caring has been at the very heart of the business. ‘It’s very much part of our DNA,’ Jonny says. That's why they created the Nursem Promise: for every product sold, they give a month’s worth of free Nursem to a nurse, midwife or other healthcare professional in the NHS. ‘So far, we’ve donated to over 175,000 nurses and midwives, but our mission doesn’t stop there,’ Jonny tells us. ‘In the past year, we saw the increased need for hand care across the NHS as a result of the pandemic, so we stepped up our donations and most recently, donated to the hardworking volunteers at vaccination centres, nationwide. Our mission is really rather simple, to provide free hand cream to every NHS nurse or midwife by 2025.’

While we now have to wait until 8pm to find out what the dragons thought of Nursem’s products, the future looks positive for the skincare brand. ‘We do have some exciting new products in the works,’ Jonny reveals. ‘We’re always thinking about how we can create the most caring and hardworking products for “skin in need” – so watch this space.

‘We’re so grateful and proud of everything that has been achieved already, with so many fans of the brand across the country (growing across the world) and the amazing value the Nursem Promise is able to provide. It’s been wonderful to give back to our NHS heroes during an unprecedented year, and we’ll continue supporting some of the hardest workers in society.’

Tune in to Dragons’ Den on 1st April at 8pm on BBC1.

While Nursem is still a fairly new brand, their first product was actually created in 2009 – 10 years before they launched. ‘We knew there was a serious need for a caring product that was safe, effective and that really worked,’ Jonny says
Nursem Full Range Gift Set

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