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skincare products
Health and beauty
August 2022
Reading time 3 Minutes

Rehydrate your skin this summer

During the summer our skin needs an added hydration boost to inject the lost moisture from those hot and sunny days. Give your skin some extra TLC with these five products.

La Roche-Posay

Cool hot, sun-scorched skin with this moisturising gel.
Posthelios Soothing Aftersun Gel



The perfect post-holiday or post-flight pick-me-up for parched skin.
Super Hydration Instant Facial


Mrs White’s

This clever chemical-free mist makes you invisible to mosquitoes, wasps and bees. With an uplifting, lemon tea fragrance you can wear it without anyone knowing it’s mosi repellant.
Unstung Hero



Spritz this cooling aloe mist over skin for instant relief. Peppermint essential oil works to instantly cool the skin, while lavender oil minimises redness and calms the senses.
Aloe After Sun Mist


Elizabeth Arden

This iconic, great all-rounder should be on everyone’s packing list, miraculously treating everything from sun-parched, chapped and irritated skin to bites, scrapes and sore patches.
Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectorant


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