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Staying in
April 2020
Reading time 5 minutes
Not everything to keep you entertained in lockdown needs to be virtual – this weekend, let your crafty side out.
Nynne Schroder Unsplash

Dig out the knitting kit

Okay, it might not exactly be sweater weather right now, but knitting or crocheting your own scarf or throw will bring a great sense of satisfaction, and you’ll thank us come winter. We’ve got our eyes on Wool and the Gang’s stitch your own blanket kits.

Etsy - Embroidery Llama

Try a hand at embroidery

Once you get into this you’ll find it hard not to add dainty daisies to practically every item you own. You’ll find plenty of free patterns from the iconic embroidery brand DMC here, and we love this No Drama Lama kit, which also makes a great gift.

Unsplash calligraphy

Master the art of calligraphy

Thinking of sending someone you love a letter or card to remind them you’re thinking of them? Handlettered stationery gives a much more personal touch than anything you’ll find online. Imogen Owen’s book, Modern Calligraphy Workshop, is an easy-to-read guide to the basic principles of calligraphy, and will have you penning your own stylish letters in no time.

Unsplash Carolyn V

Arrange a bouquet of wild flowers

Flower arranging is practically an essential life skill, so this weekend try heading into the garden to forage your own blooms and stems to arrange into a vase. 

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