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October 2014
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Roaring fires are a winter essential, whether a rustic log-burning stove or a contemporary gas fire. Find the best on the market with which to warm your toes

The new HWAM stove range from Euroheat is modern in design and extremely energy efficient, providing an attractive centrepiece to a room which can also contribute to reducing gas bills. Sounds good to us! HWAM 3110 wood-burning stove, from £2,216 Euroheat stockists regionwide

For a fireplace that fits into a larger environment, choose a design that maximises storage space and offers high heat output. This wide format design fire is capable of burning logs up to 40cm in length stored behind the minimalist surround. Nordpeis N-20F Fire with Dublin Surround, from £1,735 Fires and Fenders, South Shields

Why stick to conventional fireplace shapes? Get inventive and play around with sizes, shapes and styles – we love this porthole-inspired design. Tulp B-Fire at Tulipalo, Newcastle

The new San Rocco design from Montpellier is distinguished by split-face marble panels embedded in the legs, adding a rustic twist to the clean contemporary lines. Team with a vivid coloured feature wall for a striking effect. San Rocco 54" fireplace, £2,300 Montpellier at Blazes Period Fire Surrounds, Gateshead

For a modern approach, build your fire directly into the chimney breast and create a floating feature. Available in a range of sizes, this steel-framed wood-burning fire by Stovax offers the ultimate option for sleek simplicity, stunning visual effect and high efficiency. Riva Studio 3 Wood-Burning Fire, from £2,987 Inferno Fires and Stoves, Newcastle

Make your fireplace a focal point with the Mezzofocus, a striking design guaranteed to be the centre of attention. The matt black paint is highly heat-resistant so the structure is perfectly safe, and the base houses a removable ash pan to make that painful job nice and easy. From a collection at Focus-Creation

Electric fires can be used in virtually any room and provide high efficiency, instant heat and adjustable flame brightness levels. Controlled by remote, this neat electric Yeoman stove is simple to use and practical for smaller spaces. Yeoman CL8 Electric, from £1,095, stockists regionwide

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