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Gateshead Photographer Shares Stunning Photos of the Quayside that'll Make you Proud to be from the North East

Stunning Photos of the Newcastle Quayside
July 2023
Reading time 5 Minutes

In a bid to take his photography to the next level, hobbyist photographer Adam Lang decided to buy his first real camera, a Sony A5000, for a trip to Prague in 2015

Growing up in Low Fell, Adam, who works in tech support for a large communications provider, would walk to the centre of Newcastle every day, along the Quayside and across the river. 'I'd say that the scenery of the Quayside is what really made me start getting out to shoot on a daily basis,' he says.

Getting out and about in the region at least once a week to take photographs, Adam now captures the essence of the city. ‘I’m less likely to get out unless the conditions are interesting, however I generally have a camera with me even if it’s not used because modern mirrorless cameras will fit in a pocket, so there’s really no reason not to take one out with you,’ he says. 

While his favourite subject to shoot can change, Adam still holds cityscapes close to his heart. ‘Sometimes I love shooting portraits and getting to shoot some of my favourite bands. Although I’m probably happiest wandering a big city with my camera first thing in the morning when the light is nice – you can’t beat it. 

‘A few people have said some of my work romanticises places and I do tend to try and create something that could have come from a movie or a comic book,’ he admits. ‘I love the mindfulness aspect of taking pictures as you can really get lost in the whole experience.’

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Despite such great architecture, both old and new, across the North East, Adam says his favourite view is found where his photography journey started. ‘It has to be facing towards the Tyne Bridge with the Millennium Bridge behind you,’ he says. Although whenever Adam visits a new city (and of course takes his camera with him) there’s always something new to capture. ‘If I’m going to a new city I’ll usually do a bit of research and have a look on Instagram, I do love to just wander around and I find I get the best out of repeated visits to places – and you never know what you’re going to get when it comes to the light.’ 

Despite growing support and more than 30,000 followers across social media, Adam explains why he doesn’t currently have any ambitions to turn his hobby into a professional career. ‘I’ve never wanted to go full-time with photography as I fear it would kill my passion for it,’ he says. 

For anyone wanting to improve their skills or take up photography, Adam shares these tips: ‘A small camera is one that you’re more likely to take with you and try and get out when the conditions are interesting. Pictures of landmarks look way better at sunset or sunrise than they do at midday. And fog and snow also look better than a typical grey sky, so when you have the chance, make the most of it.’ 

To see more of Adam’s photography, visit his website

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