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The New Culinary Craze That Has Come To Yorkshire Takes Entertainment to New Levels

Food on platters
Eat and Drink
November 2018
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A new catering concept takes entertaining to the next level

The Australasian-inspired trend of grazing tables has reached British shores. Thanks to Instagram, we no longer expect our food just to taste good, it has to look good, too. Enter: the grazing table. The grazing table is catering, but not as you know it. Extravagant displays of cheeses, meats, crackers, fruit, chutneys, and a myriad of treats, that are almost too pretty to eat… almost.

Bringing this new culinary craze to Yorkshire is Graze & Gorge. Having spent a year in Sydney – the birthplace of the grazing table trend – founder Millicia West couldn’t believe that the trend hadn’t caught on in the UK. 

‘I saw it taking off in Australia in such a big way and knew it could work back home. Long evenings spent grazing on delicious, local produce (usually accompanied by wine) – what’s not to love?’ she explains.

Quality produce is central to what Graze & Gorge do. ‘We’re providing a luxe product,’ says Millicia, ‘so we need the finest, freshest food out there. We’re so lucky to live in a region of incredible natural bounty, and each table hopes to celebrate that. 

‘It’s creative and experimental, exactly the way food should be’

‘Our cheese comes from local dairies, our chutney and honeycomb are all locally produced, our fruit and flowers are sourced that day from local farmers’ markets. Yes, it’s about discovering Graze & Gorge, but it’s also about putting other fantastic suppliers in the spotlight, too. If people discover that my favourite fig chutney is theirs too and I can lead them to that particular supplier, then it’s a win: win situation all round,’ says Milllicia. 

Each board is totally bespoke, meaning no two boards are ever the same. It’s creative and experimental, exactly the way food should be. For smaller groups, Graze & Gorge boards and platters are a perfect go-to; try the ‘Just the Two of Us’ for date night with a difference, or the ‘Good Things Come in Small Packages’ for a no-hassle night in. But their grazing tables (catering for eight people upwards) are where we think the boards really come into their own. Styling and serveware are all part of the package and each table is intricately designed and beautifully laid out with fresh eucalyptus, flowers, candles, rustic crates, and custom-made wooden and marble platters. 

If you have a particular brief in mind, Graze & Gorge are happy to work with their clients to ensure your grazing table exceeds expectations (and then some!). Unlike other catering options, they are not held back by strict menus. Have a particular truffle cheese that you absolutely need on your board? Not a problem. Want to double up on their signature cacao, praline and pistachio bark? Just say the word. 

Ultimately, their aim is to elevate entertaining yet make it so much easier (and prettier). From a corporate breakfast table for 10 or a birthday party of 20, to an engagement party for 80, it’s all about wowing your guests. We think catering just got chic.

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