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Great Foodies You'll Find at Living North LIVE at Newcastle Racecourse This April

Great Foodies You'll Find at Living North LIVE at Newcastle Racecourse This April Clockwise from top left: Devil's Bridge Rum, North Chocolates, O'Donnell Moonshine, Ridiculously Rich by Alana, Demijohn
Eat and Drink
March 2024
Reading time 3 Minutes

Living North LIVE returns to Newcastle Racecourse from 19th-21st April and our fantastic food halls will be packed with the best food producers around

With all of your old favourites and plenty of new faces too, here's a sneak peek at what you can expect to find.

The Italian Wine Shop

The brain-child of British-Italian entrepreneur Angelica Sykes who was raised in Yorkshire, this business brings diverse, small-batch production Italian wines to the UK. The Italian Wine Shop was inspired by Angelica’s strong emotional connection to certain wines, and the memories they brought back for her. She wanted to share this experience with customers for a shopping experience that is informed by knowledgeable expertise and a warm, personal touch.

Jinger Drinks

The perfect drink to help you on your health journey. Made to combat the symptoms of chronic arthritis, the brand has now expanded to include a variety of delicious blends including mint and ginger, turmeric and ginger, and pineapple and ginger – aimed at helping with anything from skin clarity and digestion to giving you a much-needed energy boost in the morning.

The Yorkshire Kitchen

Inspired by a love of indulging in brandy butter at Christmas, this business makes delicious dessert butters, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, to enjoy. Made with the highest quality Yorkshire butter and with a variety of infusions including whisky, orange, coffee, salted caramel and vanilla, they pair perfectly with any dessert.

North Chocolates North Chocolates
Demijohn Demijohn

North Chocolates

Based in Newcastle, North Chocolates specialise in luxury chocolate bars. The cocoa used is ethically-sourced and the packaging is 100 percent recyclable so you can treat yourself guilt-free. For something traditional, try their milk chocolate bar with smoked salt, or for something more extravagant opt for the liquorice and blackcurrant bar.


This eco-friendly family business offers a fun and unique shopping experience for visitors. Chat with the friendly team as you sample their wide variety of delicious drinks, whether you want to try their Morello cherry brandy liqueur or would prefer a refreshing juice like the pear and cinnamon cordial. Once you’ve picked your poison, you get to choose your own distinctive refillable glass bottle to take home – perfect for a personalised gift, party favour or a nice treat for yourself.

The Yummy Yank The Yummy Yank

The Yummy Yank

A fabulous baking business which brings authentic American treats to the UK. Prepare for rich, American-style brownies, indulgent traybakes in more than 20 varieties and classic layer cakes and cheesecakes. The business is run by Lisa Gair, an American who has lived in England for more than 20 years. Lisa takes inspiration from her family for recipes like Aunt Etta’s Vodka and Amaretto Cake, a bundt cake first made by Lisa’s favourite aunt which is a delicious combination of dried cranberries, pistachios, an Amaretto glaze and vodka to keep the cake moist.

Nova Scotia Farm Produce

Based in the heart of Yorkshire, these award-winning farmers are known for their specialty steak and pork pies which are filled to the brim with quality meat and encased in deliciously crisp pastry. Their gourmet pork pies come in a range of flavours including chorizo, blue cheese, apple and chilli, and their steak pies are filled with a rich gravy with a fantastic peppery kick.

Fat Lass Preserves

Making artisan preserves with a modern twist, Fat Lass Preserves have become famous for delicious and original cocktail preserves including their gin cocktail marmalade and their breakfast martini cocktail marmalade – perfect for elevating your morning toast. Other traditionally made preserves include their spicy Spanish pepper chutney and lemon and fennel marmalade.

Love Cheesecakes

Using only the finest gourmet ingredients, this company is dedicated to making the most incredible cheesecakes in a wide range of flavours. Whether you love the freshness of lemon and lime, want to indulge with milk chocolate or you’re crazy about caramel, the cheesecakes are freshly made every time, ideal for serving to friends and family on special occasions – or better yet to keep to yourself for a quiet moment with a sweet treat.

O’Donnell Moonshine

A spirit and liqueur business like no other, O’Donnell Moonshine take inspiration from the gangsters of the American Prohibition era, using traditional methods, natural ingredients and mason jars for an authentic drinking experience. With such a wide range of flavours, there’s something for everyone whether you prefer something sweet like their sticky toffee moonshine, or want something light and refreshing like their strawberry and rhubarb moonshine – great for using in cocktails or enjoying on its own.

Devil’s Bridge Rum

Inspired by the Welsh legend of a woman who outwitted the devil, this rum is matured in ex-bourbon barrels in the Caribbean and is then steeped in an array of botanicals and spices in Wales. Infused with Bara Brith (a traditional Welsh bread) for a hint of sweetness, the rum also contains delicious notes of ginger, vanilla and cardamom. This is their first time at Living North LIVE so be sure to stop by for a cheeky tipple.

O’Donnell Moonshine O’Donnell Moonshine
Devil’s Bridge Rum Devil’s Bridge Rum

Jean’s Jams

Based in Newcastle, Jean has been making her delicious award-winning jams for more than 20 years. For something classic, enjoy her wonderfully fruity blackberry jam, or for something more unusual but equally delicious, we recommend trying the passionfruit curd. All of Jean’s jams are classified as ‘extra jam’, meaning they have a much higher fruit content than standard jams.

Fudge Town

Based in Newcastle, Fudge Town offer delicious fudge in a variety of innovative flavours including Battenberg, cherry bakewell and Turkish delight. They also offer great dairy-free options including chocolate and salted caramel. Now that’s something to sink your teeth into!

Ridiculously Rich by Alana

The team at Ridiculously Rich by Alana are dedicated to making delicious cakes and bakes using the finest ingredients possible. Enjoy their wonderfully indulgent bakes, including chocolate brownies, rocky road and Malteser tiffin.

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