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Hannah Turlington
January 2021
Reading time 5 minutes

Local and loved artist Hannah Turlington has launched an original lino print especially for Valentine's Day

Living and working in North Yorkshire, Hannah is a printmaker who uses her love of colour, nature and life's stories to create her artwork.
Research shows that there are 145million Valentine’s cards sold every year with 36million additional gifts sold and 250million flowers on top of that. But as we make more thoughtful and local choices with our shopping this year, we think Hannah’s ‘Love’ original lino print could be the perfect gift for a loved one.

Inspired by the sweets Love Hearts, a lot of work goes into making these individual prints. Hannah goes through a multi-staged process, illustrating, carving the block and then finally printing in limited print runs and for exhibition pieces – some taking up to 50 hours. Hannah also works closely with traditional UK manufacturers to print her fabrics.

When Hannah creates, she believes it is crucial to make a connection with people, but 2020 obviously made connecting with people much more difficult. As a potential antidote to this, Hannah has created a hand-printed calendar for 2021 called ‘Connections’. It explores the relationships that we have with everyday objects and how they ground us, giving us security when things are tricky, but also acts as a reminder to remake those connections with people.

‘I am a story teller and I use my work to tell those stories,’ she says. ‘Sometimes they belong to me; sometimes they belong to others, but usually they belong to all of us.’

Hannah has two solo exhibitions planned for 2021 and she’s also a featured artist of 2021 at the North Yorkshire Open Studios as well as exhibiting at Art&York in October 2021.

‘Love’ is hand-printed to order by Hannah in her North Yorkshire studio. The artwork is 20cm by 15cm, printed in Sonic Lipstick Pink onto A4 sized printmaking paper and each print is signed by Hannah. Order ‘Love’ and ‘Connections' through Hannah’s website

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