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4 interior images showcasing design elements
July 2023
Reading time 2 Minutes

All the interiors news you need this month

Find out about Pooky's new showroom, the must-have statement sink from London Basin Company, and an innovative electric stove from Everhot - plus we've pick out the trend you need to try this month.

Hand-blown and hand-cut by Czech artisans, these stunning crystal basins catch and refract light to create a real statement. Lucia crystal basin, £1,295

A new dedicated faux flower area makes Niche Inspired Living in Barnard Castle a great place to pull together your perfect faux arrangement. 


Bloomville stone vase, £69 Fenwick, Newcastle and York

Jephson wren, £14 Neptune at Bridgewater Interiors, Gateshead and Wylam and Neptune, York and Aberford

Large geometric stone hurricane, £29.99

Fired Earth’s new terrazzo range includes the gorgeous Confetti tile collection, offering a soft take on the beauty of small-chip terrazzo. Fired Earth, Harrogate

This innovative electric stove plugs into a standard 13amp socket, doesn’t need a chimney, and its steel and cast iron construction means it retains heat even after it’s switched off. It comes in gorgeous colourways too, including this pretty lavender. Everhot at TN Cook, Skipton

Pooky are bringing their beautiful design-led lighting to Yorkshire this summer, with the opening of a new showroom at Redbrick – we can’t wait to check it out. Keep up to date at

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