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March 2023
Reading time 3 Minutes

New collections and the trend you need to try this month

From historic designs at Little Greene to luxe pieces from H&M, this is what you need to know about this month.
modern living room decorated with muted colours and pops of orange furnishings H&M

H&M Home’s new collection is all about adding simple luxe touches to your space. We love these striking satin cushion covers, £19.99 (set of two) H&M Home at Metrocentre, Gateshead

Kings Coronation sandwich tray Sophie Allport

Sophie Allport has released a new limited edition range to celebrate the King’s Coronation in May. Each piece features an illustration of the King’s Procession. Small tray, £22.50 Sophie Allport, stockists regionwide

Little Greene’s National Trust Wall Papers Little Greene

Little Greene’s new ‘National Trust Papers III’ collection is made up of eight historic wallpaper designs adapted and recoloured for use within the modern interior, representing over 200 years of decoration. Each design has been created from original source material found at one of the National Trust’s historic houses. Stockists regionwide

Micro Trend: FIG
Crochet braided rug

Crochet braided rug, £24.99

Estate Emulsion in Brinjal

Estate Emulsion in Brinjal, £54.50 per 2.5 litres Farrow & Ball, stockists regionwide

Lavaux glass goblets

Lavaux glass goblets, £60 (set of four) Oka, Harrogate

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