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It’s a Dog’s Life: Winston Heads to a Waterfall
April 2022
Reading time 2 Minutes

Living North’s canine columnist is back to share the inside track on his favourite dog-friendly spots

This week he’s heading for Hareshaw Linn – and a splendid pub lunch.
winston dog The Barrasford Arms

Morning Mutts,

How's it hanging this April morning?

I'm full of the joys of spring and I'm setting off to have a stroll along the path that heads up to Hareshaw Linn waterfall. If you enjoy wild flowers this is a great time to visit this spectacular part of the world. It's a bit of a windy walk and not as straight forward as it appears so if you're not feeling up to it just take a pew at one of the picnic tables at the foot of the walk and wait for your pals to return.

The only thing I find about this excursion is that it's quite popular and you're likely to come across a few other walkers so be ready with your cheery greetings. The end result is worth the hike and if you get bothered by hay fever, as I do, it can be a bit of a sniffy stroll but it's still well worth it.

It's a good place to escape your worries and celebrate the best of life, I know things are tough at the moment economically and overseas but don't you think the BBC and others should concentrate just a bit more on some of the wonderful news going on too? I was in the vet the other day and I heard one wise-sounding type say not to even bother listening to the news because it's so damn depressing. Okay, we've got to keep in touch with Putin's progress (or lack of it), adds my dad, and the heroics of the Ukrainian people, but can't we have a bit of good news too?

Anyway, post walk there's a number of pubs we could try. We settle on The Barrasford Arms in the village of the same name, it's an absolute corker and if you fancy it there are some nice bedrooms too. It's the food we're going for and you should too if you get a chance, the lunches and evening menus are really good, it's also in a really wonderful spot too. 

I'm in a bit of a rush just now as I've got to go to London for a few days but we'll catch up next week and I'll have some more tails to tell.

Poodle Pip!

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