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Jugs and Pitchers for the Perfect Serve
November 2021
Reading time 2 Minutes

Tall, short, bright and bold, or rustic and earthy – the best jugs to pour over

Here's our top picks.
Jugs and Pitchers

1. Chroma speckled jug, £28

2. Blue cobalt jug, £45 Denby Studio, stockists regionwide

3. Stoneware jug, £27 Le Creuset, stockists regionwide

Jugs and Pitchers

4. Blue urchin jug, £36

5. Frog pitcher, £100 Bordallo Pinheiro

6. Nile dash patterned jug, £51 Osski, Northumberland

7. Retro jug, £27 ibbi at Vallum, Northumberland

Jugs and Pitchers

8. Tartan squiggle jug, £75

9. Wallflower multi splatter jug, £49.95 Emma Bridgewater, stockists regionwide

10. Leaf jug, £60

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