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Peter Boccia
July 2021
Reading time 5 minutes

Homeowners often neglect their front gardens in favour of their rear gardens, but this could be damaging your property’s kerb appeal

Homeowners are being encouraged to make the most of their outdoor space by investing in their front gardens. Most Brits tend to spend the majority of their time and money in the back garden, while front gardens are left neglected and unloved. The outdoor experts at have compiled a list of tips and tricks to help homeowners reinvent their front garden, maximising their property’s kerb appeal – and potentially its value.

1. Add a gate
As well as being an additional security measure, placing a gate at the entrance to your garden can also make it seem more warm and welcoming and sets the tone for the garden.

2. Refresh
Rather than splashing out on a new pathway, a cheap and easy alternative is to use a power wash to give your current footpath a good scrub. Add gravel to hide paths which are past saving.

3. Enhance with an arch
Putting an arch over the path is enticing and adds drama to the area. Train plants like beech or hornbeam to make an evergreen arch.

4. Use a variety of greenery
When deciding on your greenery, include a mix of different leaves and foliage to add dimension and interest. Stick to low-maintenance plants such as hostas and lady ferns which thrive in shaded areas and are perfect for all seasons – so there’s no risk of your garden looking bare or dull in the winter.

5. Utilise space
If your house has a smaller front garden (like a townhouse garden) consider wall-climbers as they take up no floor space and grow directly on the outer walls. You can always introduce greenery, no matter how small the area.

6. Harmonise colours
When adding colours to your garden with plants and flowers, choose colours that are complementary of your front door colour to unify your garden as a whole – this is an easy and effective way to add kerb appeal.

7. Upgrade the door
Your front door is the main focal point of your home – a lick of paint refreshes the whole house and draws the eye of potential buyers. If you’re looking to go bold, it’s best to check with nearby residents and make sure it’s appropriate for the location.

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