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dining room setting John Lewis & Partners
September 2022
Reading time 2 Minutes

Using pops of colour is a grown-up way to add interest to a sober colour scheme

Bright colours can be hard to get right, and there’s always the risk that using too many can lessen their overall impact. Starting with a darker, pared-back space and then adding colour is a sure-fire way to get it right.

Iden dining table

A robust black table is a great centrepiece for a kitchen or dining space.

Co Interiors, South Shields  


Lario lemongrass napkins

Add some zing to your table with these bright napkins.

Designers Guild, stockists regionwide

£36 (set of four)

Lavaux glass goblets

With a short stem, these goblets are great for water – or wine. 

OKA, Harrogate

£60 (set of four)

DSW Eames plastic side chair

The Eames side chair is a classic for a reason – we love this mustard version with a black maple base.


Yellow ochre mix round placemats

These placemats look textured, but have a matt laminate face which you can wipe down after use.

£44.95 (set of four)

Gaby cloud rug

This screen-printed rug is available in various sizes.

At Home Furnishings, Stockton

£279 (from)

Green and orange piped glass candlestick

Colourful glass will alway look bright and bold.

ibbi at Vallum, Northumberland


Old Havana bowls

We love the crackled glaze on these pretty bowls.

£54 (set of four)

Onza pendant shade

A curved edge enlivens a plain, dome-shaped pendant light.

Castlegate Lights, Stokesley


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