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Our Pick of the Best Gifts For home Lovers
December 2021
Reading time 4 Minutes

Interiors inspiration for hard-to-buy-for friends

Here are the perfect picks.
Home Gifts

Gold Eye tribal mirror, £14  

Green glass bauble, £4.99 Dobbies, branches regionwide 

Popov bookends, £170  

Pink marbled Celia vase, £26.50 TK Maxx, branches regionwide  

Pink striped teapot, £100

Home Gifts

6 Nova square dusk cushion, £35 Voyage at Rodgers of York 

Gold rim Champagne coupe, £16 (set of four) Habitat, branches regionwide   

Brass top table lamp, £429  

Glass Aperture bottle, £125  

10 Cranberry and cassis candle, £22 Stoneglow at Barkers, Northallerton

11 Relic petrified wood, £89 Fire & Co, South Shields  

12 Black and gold skeleton clock, £129.95 Baytree Interiors at Dalton Park, Durham 

13 Hug a Mug, £14.95 Lucy Pittaway, Brompton-on-Swale, Richmond and Yarm

14 Gang Gang Cockatoo plate, £9.99 Maxwell & Williams, stockists regionwide   

15 Layla red glass candlestick, £25 ibbi at Vallum, Northumberland

Home Gifts

16 Twilight velvet cushion, £110 Susi Bellamy, Newcastle  

17 Black Pomegranate hand poured soy wax candle, £14.50

18 Antique-style paisley wool throw, £325 Oka, Harrogate 

19 Blyton pillar candle in juniper, £11 Neptune, branches regionwide

20 Brushed black boat bowl, £25 Craft Works Gallery, Corbridge 

21 Match Strikes, £24 RE, Corbridge

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